How To Dress For An Interview

When you show up for an interview the first thing the interviewer will notice is how you are dressed. This is going to be her first impression of you and it will make a huge impact on the way she perceives you. Learning how to dress for an interview correctly very well may be one of the deciding factors in whether or not you’re considered for the position available.

How would you rate the way you dress for an interview? Good, bad or acceptable. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of thinking that everyday wear is appropriate for an interview and this is simply not true. Even if the company dresses causal in the workplace, you should not be casually dressed when you walk into that interview.

Just because the job doesn’t require you to wear a suit and tie, doesn’t give you the right to show up in blue jeans with holes in them, a miniskirt or sweat pants. It simply means that semi-casual attire could be appropriate. Below are tips on how to dress for an interview for both men and women to give you a better idea of what is expected of you.

How women should dress for an interview:

• Conservative two-piece suit with coordinating blouse

• Stylish shoes neutral in color not flashy

• Limited jewelry, makeup and perfume

• Manicured nails and neat hairstyle

The suit should be a solid dark blue or gray color or pin stripes would be acceptable. Skirts should be around knee length where you can sit comfortably and not be revealing. The blouse should fit correctly without gaps between the buttons and it should be white or a pastel color. Never wear bright colored fingernail polish or have unnatural hair color such as blue, pink or purple.

How men should dress for an interview:

• Conservative dark suit with white long sleeve shirt

• Conservative necktie and belt

• Professional dark colored shoes and dark socks

• Neat hairstyle

• Trimmed and clean fingernails

• Limited jewelry

If you have a mustache and/or a beard it must be neatly trimmed with a professional look. Men should also have a natural hair color.

Both women and men should reframe from chewing gum or sucking on candy during the interview. If you have body piercings or tattoos it’s best to have these concealed. If you have facial piercings such as lip rings take them out or wear a natural colored retainer during the interview. Remember, the first impression the interviewer will have of you will come from the way you’re dressed and affect the way the rest of the interview will go.

Going to an interview dressed inappropriately will almost guarantee you don’t get the job. Even if you are going to an informal interview you don’t want to show up in shorts, jeans, T-shirts or bedroom slippers. Don’t wear your pants falling off or clothing that looks like you slept in them. This shows disrespect for the interviewer, the company and yourself. Learn how to dress for an interview correctly and it will improve your odds of moving one step further and possibly receiving a second interview or landing the job.

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