Interpreting the Thank You Letter from the Interviewers Perspective

Today, writing an interview thank you letter is expected from applicants who are serious about filling a job position. Many employers wait a few days to see which applicants respond before deciding who they want to call back for a second interview. Considering the importance of the thank you letter and all the information it can provide, it’s unfortunate that many employers don’t take full advantage of them.

Employers are busy, there is always something going on and it can be easy to glance over the letter and move on to doing something else. Nevertheless, if you know what to look for in these letters, you can gather a lot of information that can help you determine which one of the candidates is right for the job. Interpreting the thank you letter can help you choose the right candidate for your needs.

What to Look for In a Thank You Letter

There are certain qualities that should stand out in a thank you letter that will help you understand the applicant a little better. One of the first things that you need to look for is how well the letter is written. Does it follow an appropriate format? Is it easy to read without spelling and grammatical errors? Is it short and to the point? These qualities indicate someone who is thorough and who pays attention to details.

What the person highlights in the letter is a good indication of whether or not he truly wants a job with your company or if he simply wants a job and it doesn’t matter where. It may be the same thing to the applicant but there is a big difference for you as the employer. Who would you rather hire, someone just looking for any job or someone who actually has a desire to work for you?

The applicant should have reiterated his job qualifications in the letter. Go over these again and see how close they match the skills you’re searching for in an employee. Does he seem like someone you would want working for you? The more attention you pay to the interview thank you letter the more information you’ll be able to get from it. It only takes a few minutes to carefully read through the letter and they can prove to be very useful.

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Why the Interview Thank You Letter Is So Important

So what makes the interview thank you letter a vital tool for the employer? First of all, the fact that the candidate took the time to send you a thank you letter in the first place is a big issue. It shows professionalism and interest in the position. It shows the applicant has done his homework and that he has knowledge of the entire interview process.

These letters should be sent out within twenty-four hours after the interview so you won’t have to wait long to find out if the applicant is going to send one out or not. If he waits any longer than that, he obliviously doesn’t know proper procedure pertaining to these letters. Interview thank you letters are a way for applicants to show appreciation to the employer for giving them a chance to prove they’re the right person for the job. It’s simply common courtesy.

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