Interview Attire For Men

Men don’t always put too much though into their clothing. Some men believe that as long as they’re clean it doesn’t matter what they wear but when it comes to interview attire for men, this isn’t the case. Of course, you want your clothing to be clean but you need to put forth more of an effort than that. This is not the time to be adventurous and try out that new fashion statement you thought might help you stand out in a crowd nor is it the time to dress as if you’re going out with your friends. Instead, this is the time when you want to blend in and wear attire that has been proven to work.

Interview attire for men should include the following:

Two-Piece Suit

– The best color for your suit would be dark blue or charcoal gray. You can get by with a pin stripe suit if the stripes are very subtle. It should be a two or three button suit that fits well.

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White Long-Sleeved Shirt

– The point collar or spread collar button up cotton shirt is recommended. You can go for a cream or almond shirt as long as they are solid in color and very light colored.


– The tie should be made of silk, have a traditional pattern or be solid in color and range between two and three forth’s to three and a half inches wide. It should reach the top of the belt buckle but not any longer. Bow ties are off limits.


– The shoes should be black or dark brown in color and they should be made of leather. They should be polished and in excellent shape. Never were tennis shoes or loafers to an interview.


– Always wear dark colored socks to an interview that are long enough that your leg won’t show when seated.


– The belt should be the same color as the shoes. Never wear a large flashy belt buckle.


– A small leather briefcase is recommended and should contain your resume and references.

The interview attire for men is vital but your hair and accessories are just as important as the clothing you wear. Your hair should be a natural color, clean and well kept. A short haircut is recommended and facial hair is discouraged. If you do have a mustache or beard it’s imperative they are well groomed.

Jewelry is discouraged except for wedding rings and college rings are acceptable. If you have piercings of any kind that can be seen, remove them before going into the interview. If you do decide to wear cologne, use very little of it. You don’t want the interviewer to smell your cologne before they even see you. This is distracting and sends out a negative impression.

Interview attire for men should be conservative and neatly pressed. If you’re not appropriately dressed it could ruin any chance you have of making a good impression. It’s even possible for the interviewer to not pay a lot of attention to the way you answer her questions, if she’s turned off right away by your attire.

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