Interview Attire For Women

When it’s time to go to that all important job interview it’s certainly not the time to get creative with your wardrobe. Neither is it the time to try out that new fancy hairstyle you’ve been thinking about especially when you’re uncertain of how it’s going to turn out. This is the time for being conservative and safe. How you’re dressed will make a difference in whether or not you’re considered for the job and interview attire for women should always be conservative in nature.

It’s a very competitive world and everything you do will have an impact on whether or not you’re considered for a job position. If you’ve not been for a job interview recently, you may be a little surprised at how little the interview attire for women has changed throughout the years. It’s very much the same as it was years ago and it’s not likely to change anytime soon even thought the actual workplace has a more casual dress code.

Interview attire for women should include the following:

Two-Piece Skirt Suit

– A two-piece skirt suit is recommended with the skirt being knee length. It should be a dark blue or charcoal gray in color but a subtle pin stripe would be acceptable. Do not wear a dress or mini skirt. The classic two or three button jacket is recommended.

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– Wear a button up blouse white or pastel in color. Make sure the blouse fits properly with no gaps between the buttons.

Conservative Shoes

– A two or three inch heeled dress shoe is recommended for job interviews. They should be in excellent shape and polished. Never wear sandals, flip-flops or similar types of shoes.


– Hose should be a nude or natural color and make sure they don’t have any runs.


– A briefcase with your resume and references is recommended instead of carrying a purse.

Your hair-style should be conservative, a natural color and well-groomed. Your fingernails should be manicured and do not wear bright or distracting colored fingernail polish. If you wear perfume it should be mild and remove all body piercings that can be seen. Wearing one ring per hand is acceptable but don’t have a ring on every finger. It’s fine to wear make-up as long as it looks natural.

Many women are tempted to wear the two-piece pant-suit to interviews but this is not recommended. Although the pant-suit is considered professional looking it’s not the best choice for the first interview. However, if you go for a second or third interview then it would be more acceptable. It may seem as though interview attire for women is stuck in the twentieth century but you can’t argue with what works and skirt-suits simply get better results.

The interview attire for women that you choose will have a significant influence on the way the interview will turn out. First impressions are very important and you never get a second chance to make a good one. Take the way you dress for your interview very serious because you can be sure that your interviewer will and he or she will be taking notes.

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