Business casual attire

A business casual attire varies according to the company, for some of them short pants and shirt are completely fine, for others jeans and a shirt, for others whatever you want and for others a suit and shirt. On the western civilization, business casual can be defined by a suit without a tie, the middle of casual wear and business wear, or being dressed as a relaxed neat professional.

On an interview, the way that interviewer dresses is not necessarily the business casual attire inside that company, so if you do not know what to use once you are hired, ask. Other easy way to dress business casual is keep  almost the whole formal style, e.g. men can use a suit without tie and a long sleeved shirt with the top button down. Other business casual style was introduced by Steve Jobs, jeans and a black sweater, nevertheless is better to avoid jeans. If you are on a very hot location, business casual can vary considerable, for example; if you are going to a weekly meeting you can use cloth pants and tucked-in T-shirt.

Business casual is different for men and women, let’s see the differences:

Business casual for men

  • The hair and nails must be always clean, the nails trimmed and the haircut appropriate for the company.
  • The shoes polished.
  • The clothes should not be baggy or too tight, and of course, always cleaned and ironed.
  • Avoid smelling to smoke.
  • Do not use too much cologne.
  • The colors should be neutral, for example grey, khaki, or similar.

Business casual for women

  • The hair and nails clean, manicured hands. About the haircut; women have a bigger range of options, anyway, avoid too extravagant haircuts and also using too much hair spray.
  • Women can use pants or skirts, try to use neutral colors too and avoid too tight clothes.
  • The skirt length should be at your knees when you are stand up and cover your thighs when you are sited.
  • The jewelry should be simple, small earrings, maybe a little necklace and a watch.
  • The makeup should be conservative, and the nails should not be too long.
  • Polished shoes and avoid open toes.
  • Not revealing clothes.

The idea of business casual attire is to create a casual work environment, give you comfort during work and at the same time keep the image of the company. Clothes that are used for, among other things, gyms, dance clubs, playing sports and beach, are not suitable for work. Clothes that show too much chest, stomach, legs, cleavage or back do not fit with the business casual style, hats are also not used at all.

Finally, it is very important to avoid using clothes with offensive messages or that can be misunderstood, ripped or old ones, the business casual style does not have rules that indicate exactly what you have to use, so common sense is very important. If you are not sure of what to use for an interview, common meeting, important meeting or any other, you can always see what the other people use.