How to dress for an interview

Dressing correctly for an interview is actually very important, once the job is yours you can wear anything that is accepted in the company, but as you know, get the job first. In order to leave a very good first impression you can prepare your answers for the interview, you can research about the company and many other things, but knowing how to dress for an interview is one of the things you should also pay special attention to. As you know, humans judge you and not only for who you are, but also for your appearance, so in this section you are going to learn how to dress properly for an interview.

There are some details that are very important in most of the jobs, for example the nails and the hair cut. If you are a person who works with car engines, your hands gets dirty because of the activity, and you are applying to a related job, then the nail€™s detail will not be too important, but on most of the jobs there nails and haircut are very important. Your nails and hand must be impeccable, so take a while for preparing them before the interview, about your hair; it must be clean, and the haircut should be proper for the occasion, business style would be fine for pretty much any interview.

image of men suit

To make things more precise, take a look at the things you should take into account when it comes to how to dress for an interview:

Men’s Interview dress

image of men suit

  • A suit is the most popular choice and also a really good bet, it should be solid colors, grey, dark blue or brow would be fine, and of course must be clean. 
  • A sleeve shirt that matches the suit, it must be clean and ironed.
  • Leather shoes would be fine, black or some other dark color, of course must match the suit too and be polished.
  • Do not use too much after shave or cologne.
  • A tie that matches the overall, it must be correctly tied and clean.
  • A haircut that shows professionalism and clean trimmed nails.
  • If you have beard, it must look good, trimmed and clean.

Women’s interview dress

image of women suit

  • A suit is also the best bet, although women can wear a bigger variety of colors, dark blue, grey or similar solid colors would be fine.
  • Women can dress skirts or pants.
  • Use conservative clothing.
  • A simple blouse that matches the suit’s style, avoid the ones with low necklace.
  • Leather shoes, avoiding open toes and high heels, they must match the suit.
  • Limited use of Jewelry, if you are going to use earrings or a necklace, make sure they are simple and that are not the cheapest ones you have.
  • A proper haircut style and nails (having a manicure is a good idea).

As you can see, an interview is not only a conversation between you and the interviewer, but also many other things. Remember to take a while to set up everything (take your suit to the laundry, polish your shoes, and so on), and always have handy copies of your resume and a pen. Of course your clothing is not what you really are, but is part of the protocol, and it is a good idea to clean it after using it in an interview, that way it is ready for your next one.