Teen interview attire

Teens usually ask what is a proper teen interview attire and the answer is simple, pretty much the same than adults use. Teenagers do not care about what they are using as long as they are comfortable with it, but during an interview you should do as much as you can to get the job, obviously the job interview requirements are not the same for teenagers and professionals, but it does not mean that you can go however you want.

image of teenagers

  • Dress formal, it is not necessary to wear a suit, but neither go to an interview with gym clothes.
  • A good advice is listening to your parents, as weird as that may sound for teenagers it is true, they can help you to choose the pants, the shirt or the blouse. Remember that the outfit must be conservative.
  • The colors can vary according to your taste, but dark or neutral colors are definitely the best choice, e.g. dark blue, khaki and grey. Girls can use a bigger variety of colors, but try to keep them soft, e.g. soft pink or green.
  • You and your clothes must be clean, if you have gymnastic classes before your interview, or your interview is right after your classes, take another outfit to change.
  • You can use leather shoes both for women and men, they must be polished and in case of girls, avoid using too high heels. If you are using sneakers, they must be clean, and avoid sandals.
  • Tattoos and piercings may be acceptable as long as they are fine with the job, in case of boys one earring and a watch is enough, in case of girls, an earring on each ear and a bracelet per hand are fine too.
  • Do not use too much perfume or cologne, actually is better if you do not use it at all.
  • It is a very good idea to have an always ready outfit, that way if you get an interview right away, you do not have to turn your closet upside down to find what to wear.
  • Always carry a pen and your portfolio.

If you are still not sure about what to wear, you can call the interviewer and ask what should be an appropriate outfit for the interview. Also remember to bring a resume and recommendation letters, these are really important to show the employer that there are people that support your back and also know you better.

During an interview it is very important to stay calm and listen carefully all the interviewer€™s questions, the clothes you use are part of that confidence and also part of the interview, if you for example use t-shirts with big images or messages, they can distract the interview and obviously this is not good for you, follow the advises above and find your proper teen interview attire.

Remember to arrive to the interview some minutes before the scheduled time, it contributes to stay calm and also shows to the interviewer that you are a punctual person, which is critical for all types of job.