What not to wear for an interview

You should take in mind that as important as know what to wear for an interview, is know what not to wear for an interview. Image is really important when it comes to interviews, before you say something; the clothes you are wearing show if you can be a potential employee or not, sometimes in order to use clothes that show professionalism you must separate your social image (e.g. being a casual person) from your career.

Here you are going to find plenty of information about what not to wear for an interview follow the indications shown and improve your odds of having success before, during and after an interview:

For people in general

  • Casual shoes like sneakers or flip-flops, always wear formal shoes, and take a while to polish them.
  • Shorts, jeans.
  • Make sure your underwear does not show above your pants.
  • Suits with stripes or figures, the best bet is as single color one.
  • Clothing that is not conservative (even if you like other kind of clothing, the best bet is still a conservative suit).
  • Too baggy clothes, the opposite of revealing clothes. Wear clothes that fit you, not too tight, not too baggy.
  • Too much perfume or cologne, it could happen that after smelling your perfume or cologne the interviewer remember some bad memory, so actually it is better to not use cologne or perfume at all.
  • Tattoos and piercings.
  • Headphones, sun glasses on your head.
  • Too bright clothing, is better to use dark blue, grey or similar colors.
  • Hats.
  • Distractive clothing or accessories.
  • A dirty suit, it must be clean.

For men

Image of not suitable haircut

  • Too much cologne or aftershave.
  • A tie with too many figures, the best is to wear a solid color one.
  • Make up.
  • Jewelry (marriage ring is fine).
  • Short sleeved shirts.
  • Socks that do not match your suit.

For women

image of revealing clothes

  • A bra which stripes is visible.
  • Too short skirts.
  • Too much perfume.
  • Too much jewelry.
  • Too much make up.
  • Panties that do not match your suit.
  • High heels shoes, or at least be sure that you can walk with them.

Besides the things shown above, always avoid having dirty and long nails, in case of girls, get a manicure. Take a time to set up everything, be sure that your suit is clean, in case it is not, send it to the laundry, remember that dressing up properly improves your chances of being hired, so keep the advises shown. Obviously it is not a must to use formal clothes in an interview, you can use some casuals too, but first take a while to see how workers dress up into that company, something you can do is dress up as the people in the next hierarchical level do, that way you can be pretty sure that your outfit is correct.

The most important thing during an interview is being comfortable, and the clothes you are using should provide you a part of that confidence, in case you are too nervous and you are sweating, the first thing you should try to do is control your nervousness, if it is not working, you should change your blouse or shirt, nobody wants to interview an all sweaty applicant.