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Once the interview is over and you leave the office, that shouldn’t be the end of it all. The very next thing that you should do is send a thank-you letter to the interviewer. One of your options is the interview follow up email thank-you letter. Many people avoid doing this because they don’t want to brother the interviewer.

Many believe that he is so busy that he would be annoyed by receiving an email of this nature and that it would hurt the chances of being considered for the job. Others view it as a form of spam and worry the interviewer would feel the same way. Both of these views are way off. In the electronic age we live in today, it’s acceptable and even encouraged to send interview follow up email thank you letters.

What the Interview Follow Up Email Should Include

The email should not be very long and should get straight to the point. It should simply thank the interviewer for his time and interest in you as a potential employee and it should reiterate your interest in the position available. Briefly restate your qualifications that specifically relate to the job available.

If you do have any specific issues or concerns that were brought out in the interview this would be a good time to address them. If there is anything that was not discussed in the interview that is significant and could have a positive impact on whether or not you’re considered for the position, now is a good time to mention it. Still, it’s vital that you stick to the main points and keep your email down to a couple of brief paragraphs. If you get long winded, he will mostly like stop reading and go on to the next email.

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Final Thoughts

If by some chance you were interviewed by more than one person, it’s recommended that you send an email thank you letter to each one of them but modify it so it will be unique for each person. The email should be sent that same night so it will be one of the first things the interviewer sees when he opens his email the next day.

It’s important to make sure you pick up the business card of the interviewer before you leave so you’ll have all the information needed to seed the follow up email. These normally always have an email address on them along with a physical work address and phone number.

Always proof read your message before sending and make sure there are no mistakes in spelling or grammar. It would hurt your chances of getting the job if you send out a thank you email with misspelled words and poor grammar.

Sending out an interview follow up email letter is a sign of professionalism and it’s one of the things that separate the pros from the amateurs. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking the interview is over when you walk out that door. It very well could be the beginning of many new opportunities. Many interviewers wait to see which applicants take the time to send them a follow up email and you should be one of them.

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