Interview in a public place

Interview in a public place

There are different types of interviews that employers use to select candidates for employment. Sometimes employers and recruiters program a job interview in a public place such as restaurant and coffee because they will hide a candidate for a field position and they do not have a local office, or they prefer to hide this process from their employees.

The interviews out of workplace are used more frequently because some employers feel comfortable and it does not matter how candidates find the public place for interview. So the interviewees need to prepare for different possible situations and know how to act in the interview.

Tips for an interviews in public

For different reasons interviewers ask to interview in a public place. There are some tips that candidates for a job must consider to handle distractions, food and interview-table-manners during the interview.

Before the interview

Confirm details about interview: ask questions about the exact location and the time of the appointment, and how you will recognize the employer.

  • Dress professional: even thought the meeting is in a casual place; treat it as a normal interview and dress up clothes that are not very tight or uncomfortable. Take account that the attire should be professional and apt for an interview.
  • Prepare in advance: find out the company, practice typical interview questions and make a list of questions to ask the interviewer.
  • Bring copies of your resume, and also carry a pad and pen to take the notes.

During the interview

Choose a comfortable location: arrive some minutes before the scheduled time to scan the public place and choose a location away from the most traffic areas to have fewer distractions.

  • Focus on the interviewer: the interview place could be noisy and with some distractions so you must be focused on the interviewer and on the topic. It is not a problem if you do not finish your plate.
  • Watch what to order and your table manners: when you order from the menu, choose something easy to eat and avoid ordering the most expensive on the menu.
  • If the meeting is at a bar, avoid drinking alcohol even if the interviewer orders a beverage because it could cloud your judgment and hinder your composure.
  • Be nice with the personal of the place so you are being watched for that reason treat people with respect and kindness and include tipping appropriately.
  • Do not speak with mouth full and apply stringently table manners in this situation. After the meal, place the napkin folding on the plate€™s side and wipe your hands well.
  • At the end of the interview, offer a firm handshake and a thank you to the employer for giving you the opportunity.
  • Remember to be relaxed and show a participative attitude in the conversation.

After the interview

  • Offer to pay: It is most likely that the interviewer will pay on the company credit card for the meal so you should not insist for paying the bill, but ask once time to pay or at least slip.
  • Follow-up: do not forget to leave a thank you note after the interview to demonstrate interest in the job position.