Top 10 Interview Mistakes

When going on an interview there are several things that any person should avoid. These mistakes can be also called as: blunders and errors.  It is important that any candidate for a job avoid these blunders and preparing is the best way, here we bring you a list of the most common top 10 interview mistakes.

Do not be Prepare

Top 10 interview mistakes

It is a common mistake that most candidates do while in an interview, they forget about researching about the institution, the history, background, how is divided, missions. This information is always available at the website of each company so a little reading will not make any several wound.

Remember that a lack of information of the company can cost you much more than just an embarrassment, because an agent that realize that is interviewing a person that does not know the basic information about the company he represents will pass immediately to the next candidate.

Check all the information of a company at the “About us” section.

Dress Inappropriately

Dressing inappropriately is also a common mistake while an interview. Because you should wear accorded to the job you are applying, for example if you are applying for a professional job it is mandatory that you wear a suit, if you are applying for a lifeguard position the suit is not pretty important but a really neat outfit is recommended.

If you do not have a clue of how to dress, it is recommended that you check how the employees of the company are wearing so you can wear something similar.

Poor Communication Skills

Not all people know how to express their thoughts, and that is called poor communication skills. It is up to every person to improve their skills and especially if you are applying for a job.

Communication skills are pretty important on an interview because as you can express your thoughts, the connection between the interviewer and yourself can be greater, and your chances of being contracted can also be better.

Remember to give a firm handshake, establish eye-contact. These expressions are important because it will present you as a strong candidate and that you are pretty confident.

Too Much Communication

Answering a cellphone during an interview is a lack of respect to your interview and to the person who is interviewing you. That is why it is mandatory that you turn off your cellphone, it is also very recommended that avoid bringing any other thing than your references, your job application, your resume.

Talk too much

Although in an interview the interviewer wants to know about your career and important facts about your live as an employee, you should avoid telling him everything about your life. Remember that you are in a business situation and that the situation must be kept as it is: business.

Do not Talk Enough

When a candidate for any kind of job answers to any question with two or three words is very hard to establish a bound, so the interviewer will has pretty hard his labor. That is the main reason why some candidates are not chosen, it is important that you can talk and give full answers to every question so the interviewer can get the information he wants.

Fuzzy Facts

There are sometimes when an interviewer asks candidates for jobs to complete once again a job application. That is why it is important that your know everything that you write in your application, including dates of prior employments, graduation dates and employer contact information.

Give the Wrong Answer

It is important that you take a little moment to think about the question that the interviewing is asking, remember that every candidate has to pass the interview and a wrong response can a take you out of the competition.

Badmouthing Past Employers

It is important that you avoid strong word during your interview. If your last boss was a cretin or if your co-workers were not the best ones that you have, you should avoid talking bad about them because you do not know with whom you are talking.

It is important that you use clean language, so the person who is interviewing know for sure that if you leave the institution you will not talk with a bad mouth about the company he represents.

Forget to Follow Up

Even if your interview was not the best one, it is important that you do not forget to follow up the job position, send a thank you letter saying that you are pretty interested in the job position.

Every interview is a new experience and even if you had some mistakes during the last one you will have another coming. Take every interview as an experience and that if you are not picked for the job it was not meant to be. Make sure to give a hundred percent every time you try something, and keep in mind the top 10 interview mistakes listed above.