Interview Outfits

People have many different views when it comes to interview outfits. Some believe that you must go classic and traditional all the way. Others lean more towards the casual everyday dress while there is a wide selection in-between. This is a chance for you to show the interviewer your best side and that you have qualities that would be an asset to the company.

With so many different viewpoints, how do you know which interview outfits will get the response you’re searching for? The outfit that you choose mainly depends on the company doing the interview, where you’re having the interview and what type of job you’re interviewing for. You start by doing your research.

Do Your Research

Before you attempt to choose your interview outfit, do your research. Find out as much as you can about the company. What type of work do they do? What is the position you’re interviewing for? Will you be working in an office, in the field or with customers? Does the company have a dress code and if so, what is it? Will the interview be formal, informal or a lunch interview?

Once you have the answers to these questions you’ll be better equipped to make a good decision about the outfits that you wear to the interview. For example, say you’re applying for a job at a car dealership as a sales representative. This position requires working directly with customers. For this type of interview it would be pointless to show up in anything less than a two-piece suit, silk tie and long-sleeved white button down shirt.

On the other hand, let’s say you’re applying with the exact same company but you’re applying for the mechanic’s job. In this case, you would be working behind the scenes in grease and dirt and you would not be dealing with customers. Therefore, it would be acceptable to show up in slacks and a dress shirt as long as they are clean and pressed.

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The Bottom Line

Even though there are many different views on what is acceptable and what’s not when it comes to interview outfits, one thing is for sure. You must always present yourself in a decent way if you wish to have any chance of making a positive impression with the interviewer. In the example above you can see that even when applying for a job that requires you to stay dirty most of the time you’re working, you should be clean and presentable when interviewing for the position.

Your outfits should always be in good shape, clean and pressed. Don’t wear anything with holes in them or that looks worn and old even if it once qualified as a nice suit. The outfit should fit perfectly and look polished and well put together. When picking out your interview outfits, put yourself in the interviewer’s seat.

What would your first impressions be of the man that walked in your office in a pair of cut off jeans and tank top or the female who shows up wearing a miniskirt and braless? Would you be impressed and want to hire them or would you be counting the minutes until you can end the meeting? Stop for a minute and seriously think about what you plan to wear before going to that interview, put yourself in the interviewers place and then choose your interview outfits.

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