Interview questions: work history

Interviewers consider in their interview questions, questions that make the candidate review his/her work history in detail; it’s important to be prepared for this kind of questions; the appreciation of your work experience has a significant importance in your job offer.

Whether you had great or awful past experiences you must emphasize that your work experience will specifically and significantly benefit the company.

Remember that it’s a good start to know where did you work and in what dates, but what employers matter most is what you did, your achievements. It’s important to be specific with the information quantifying the information when it’s possible.

Work History

When the interviewer asks you to describe your work experience, it doesn’t mean that you should list every job and position only; firstly you must think in the experiences that could help you in the new company, list your skills and achievements and emphasize only in aspects that interest the company.

However, job experience interview questions are not all generic, there can be specific questions about certain past position. Remember that preparation is the key, so we will provide some example questions to improve your confidence and help in the interview. On the other hand, it’s important as homework for you, to research about the new position, skills, and the company and compare them with your experiences. So, interview questions: work history, are always important for employers to know more about you.

Why is there a gap in your work history?

Employers include this one in interview questions, to know and understand that people might lose their jobs and they can’t find other immediately, so it’s important to list some activities to show that the gap in your work history was not unproductive time; some examples may include: freelance projects, volunteer work, etc.

What has been the biggest accomplishment in your past job experiences?

To be prepared for this question, it’s important to remember How did you improve ‘things’ while you were working at your previous jobs, then remember the actions you took to achieve that goal, remember your performance in these actions and what were the results of that experience. Then select the most relevant experience as a successful story. This is one of the main interview questions: work history.

What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

You must think in job experiences to answer this question, the interviewer need to know about your willingness to take some risks and your ability to make moves that could result in success finally.

Give an example of how you handled a high-pressure situation on the job.

Employer needs to know your solving-problem skills, ability to work under pressure, how you react to stress and through complex situations; it’s important to follow an order for the answer: firstly, define the problem, then analyze the problem and generate possible solutions, select the course of action and finally evaluate and explain what you learned.

What did you like or dislike about your previous job?

The hard part in the question is to say what you disliked about your previous job, it’s important to remember to not be too negative, because employer might think that you’ll speak negatively about their company when you leave it. Rather than talking about what the company did wrong, it’s better to talk about yourself and focus on your own reasons why you left the job. This question is related to Questions about your supervisors and co-workers, you can follow the same tips to answer them.

What would the person who likes you least in the world say about you? / What do people most often criticize about you?

It’s a very difficult question, you should take your time thinking of a quality that could sound negative but is ultimately a positive; for example lack of patience that sometimes damages the workplace but helps to achieve the goals.

If you find some sense of humor in the interviewer you can say: I have a teenage (son/ daughter) and few things I do are of for him/her.

How would your previous coworkers describe you?

According to some researches, relationships with coworkers are related to job performance, so this question is pretty common in job interviews, the employer would like to know how comfortable you feel working with others. You should emphasize in positive experiences and focus on a ‘professional relationship’ with coworkers that could improve the workplace environment.