Interview Skills

Job seekers with the right interview skills are more likely to get that job position than ones who have no training or experience in going to interviews. Jobs are much harder to find today than they were years ago and you must work harder to get the positions you apply for. The competition is tough and you can bet there will always be someone with a little more training and experience than you have out there trying to get the same position you want. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed the job.

It’s true that education and experience plays a major role in who is chosen for a position. However, it’s also true that having the right interview skills could land you a job over someone more qualified, if they don’t do well during the interview process.

Below are a few of the interview skills needed to ace your next interview:

Learn About the Company

– If you truly want to make a good impression then take the time to research the company and learn all you can about them. This will allow you to be more interactive and makes a good impression.

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Practice Answering Interview Questions

– You already know that you’ll be asked a series of questions so, have a friend help you practice answering the most commonly asked questions and you’ll be more prepared for the interview.

Dress Appropriately

– Wearing the right attire is essential if your want to be taken seriously and even be considered for the position.

Be Confident

– When you walk into the interview room stand up tall, make eye contact and shake hands firmly.

Be Polite

– This is the time when you want to use the manners you were taught at home and at school. Address the interviewer as Mr. or Ms., unless they ask you to do otherwise. Sit only after being invited to do so and always be attentive.

Keep Your Answers Simple and Informative

– When asked a question you need to answer thoroughly but at the same time, you don’t want ramble on. The short direct answers always work best.

Be Enthusiastic

– There’s nothing worse than trying to interview someone who acts as though they would rather be somewhere else or who would have just as soon stayed home in bed.

Be Professional

– Don’t talk about what you had for breakfast or what you plan to do when you leave the interview, they really don’t care. Your comments should be strictly job related and never talk bad about someone else.

You can make a good impression and show the interviewer that you have the skills needed to help the company grow and thrive for success when you learn how to implement these interview skills correctly.

It’s important to show confidence without being arrogant and be conversational without rambling. Don’t be nervous and fidgety and always follow up with a thank you letter. When you learn these skills, you will have a better chance of being the one considered for the next job position, even if there is someone with a little more experience than you seeking the same position.

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