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You need great interview techniques in order to make a good impression when you go for that next job interview. Otherwise, you’ll have a poor chance of getting hired for the position. The competition is simply too tough to take any chances. Jobs are hard to find and when a position comes available there are hundreds of applicants waiting for a chance to make a good impression.

Your technique is the method you use to communicate with the interviewer and the way you present yourself. What will you do to make a lasting impression that can help you land that new position? Here are a few suggestions that can help you improve your interview techniques so you can stand out above the rest and make an impression that will last.

• Stay calm and relaxed and never allow yourself to be intimidated by the interviewer. Some interviewers try to be intimidating to see how well you’ll respond when under pressure or in an uncomfortable position. Don’t take things personally. It’s their job to see how you’ll react under different situations.

• Plan to arrive at just the right time even if it means getting to the interview too early and sitting in your car for a few minutes before you go inside. You should be walking into the office ten to fifteen minutes before your meeting is scheduled to begin.

• Impress the interviewer with a genuine knowledge of the company. Know what they do, what the job position pertains to, past accomplishments and any future goals they have announced. This will require some homework on your part but it’s well worth the effort.

• Exercise patience at all times even if your interview starts a few minutes late or you get interrupted and have to wait a few minutes while the interviewer handles a problem.

• Practice speaking and controlling your voice. This may sound silly but many people get nervous and it shows in their voice. They either tend to mumble which is very annoying or talk way too loud which is obnoxious. You need to control your voice and speak at a nice even tone making complete sentences.

• Maintain eye contact when speaking and when spoken to. If you look away it appears that you are bored and uninterested in the job.

• End the interview correctly with a firm handshake, sincere thank you and a follow up letter.

These interview techniques are simple and easy to use but most importantly, they work. They help you create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in which both you and the interviewer can communicate better. They’ll remember the way they felt when interviewing you and this will help to keep your name at the top of the list. This is especially true when they’re sitting in an uncomfortable interview with someone else wishing it was over.

When you leave that interview you want the interviewer to smile and think about how well everything went. Each time they think about the position available you want them to imagine you filling it. This can be accomplished when you learn how to make the interview techniques above work for you.

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