Interview Thank You Letter

The interview thank you letter is a very important step in the overall job hunting process. Your work history, education and special skills got you the interview but now you need to do your best to prove that you’re the right person for the job. This is the time you need to show your professionalism through the way you’re dressed and the way you represent yourself but that’s not all. This is also the time to show the interviewer how much the job means to you by following up the interview with a thank you letter.

The interview thank you letter is a lot more important than many job seekers realize. Show the employer that you’re a true professional who could be a great asset to the company. The thank you letter separates the armatures from pros and that’s the image you want to portray. Since the follow up letter is so important, you need to make sure you follow all the rules and keep it professional. This is not the time to slack off.

Tips for writing a professional interview thank you letter:

• The letter must be sent within a twenty-four hour period from the date of the interview. If you’re sending an email thank you letter, it should be sent the same night so that it will be the first thing the interviewer sees when he opens his email the next morning.

• Customize your letter to include specific details that’s directly related to the interview.

• Begin the letter with a sincere ‘thank you’ for the opportunity to be interviewed for the position and for his time.

• Recap your main qualifications that are directly related to the job available. Avoid mentioning anything that is not important or relevant.

• Address any concerns, issues or questions that you have concerning the job position or the interview itself.

• Keep your letter short and to the point. It should not be any longer than a couple of short paragraphs.

• Proofread the letter to make sure there are no typos, grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, then have someone else proofread it before sending.

Many employers wait to see which job applicants send out the interview thank you letter before deciding which one they want to hire or bring in for a second interview. If you’re serious about the position, then don’t miss this simple but very important step. Don’t make the ever so common mistake of thinking that it doesn’t matter or that you’ll appear desperate if you send them a letter. Many employers expect it and may not consider you for the position if they don’t receive one.

Sometimes, applicants learn the job position is not one they truly want after being informed of the job duties during the interview. If this happens to you and you decide the job is not something you want, you should still send out an interview thank you letter. However, you should inform the interviewer that you are no longer interested in the position. You never know when you might want to apply for another position with the company and this shows consideration and professionalism that will be appreciated.

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