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Before you are chosen to fill a job position you will most likely be given an interview by the employer. The interview is a way for the employer to narrow down the applicants and choose the best one for the position. It’s an important part of the whole process and you’ll need to ace the interview in order to have a shot at the job position.

In order to make a great impression with the interviewer you’ll need to learn a few of the interview tips that have helped others make a good impression. The interview is a very important part of landing a job that should be taken seriously. In fact, it could be the deciding factor that determines if you’re hired or passed over for another applicant. Here are a few tips to remember:

• Be on time even if it means leaving an hour early for the interview. You can’t afford to be late because you made a wrong turn or got stuck in traffic. There are very few excuses good enough to be accepted for showing up late for your interview.

• Learn all you can about the job and the company before you go to the interview. You don’t want to seem like you have no idea of what’s going on when the interviewer begins talking about the job position.

• Turn that cell phone off before you enter the room. Never answer your phone and even having it ringing during the interview is a big mistake.

• Dress in the proper attire that makes you look professional and that shows you have respect for the interviewer and the opportunity he is giving you.

• Never joke around. This is a serious part of getting a job and if you’re making jokes, you won’t be taken seriously.

• Speak clearly but never mumble or speak too loudly. Don’t babble or go on and on when asked a question.

• Never talk bad about a former boss or co-workers.

• Never play with your hair, scratch your head or fiddle with something in your hands. These things make you appear nervous or it looks like you’re hiding something which makes a very bad impression. Always maintain good eye contact.

• Never flirt with the interviewer or wear revealing clothing to try and get hired.

• Answer questions directly giving only the important details that pertain to the job. Don’t try to give your whole life history.

• Be enthusiastic and show that you have a real desire to work for the company and you truly want to be considered for the job.

• Ask questions when you’re offered the chance throughout the interview and send in that thank you letter within twenty-four hours.

If you follow these interview tips, then you’ll surely stand out from the rest of the applicants and make a good impression that will improve your chance of being considered for the job. We live in a very competitive world and there are hundreds of applicant’s applying for the same job you’re after. If you don’t take steps to stand out, you won’t have a chance.

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