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Understanding the job interview, its purpose and why it’s important for you to make a good impression can help you get more job offers. The interview is the best way for an employer to meet the applicants in person to determine what type of person they are. It’s one of the best ways to narrow down the long list of applicants and find the person that is best suited for the job available.

When a company has a job opening they begin accepting applications and resumes. The person in charge of hiring for the company will filter through all the applicants and weed out the ones that are not qualified for the position. The next step is to call in the remaining applicants for an interview. This is where the list of potential employees will be narrowed down even further based on the results of the interview.

In most cases, depending on the job, the interviewer will then narrow down the list of applications even more based on the interview results. The remaining applicants will then be called in for a second interview and a third is even possible. The interview is considered to be one of the most useful tools available to the employer today when it comes to evaluating the potential employee.

Types of Job Interviews

There are a number of different types of job interviews and they are all used by different types of companies and businesses. They all have different qualities but they all have the same agenda in mind and that is to find the best candidate for the job. Below is a list of the different types of job interviews and a brief description of each:

Behavioral Interview

– The interviewee will be asked a series of questions that will allow the interviewer to judge the person’s future performance based on his or her previous behaviors.

Panel Interview

– This type consists of a group of panelist that interview the applicant all at once.

Stress Interview

– The interviewer will use tactics to try and intimidate the interviewee by putting them in a stressful situation to see how they respond.

Technical Interview

– These focus on creativity and problem solving.

Telephone Interview

– These are normally used when the prospective applicant is not in the immediate area but will relocate if they’re hired for the position.

One-On-One Interview

– In these interviews you’ll be asked a series of questions that could pertain to almost anything. These are the most common types of interviews.

Lunch Interview

– The interviewer meets the interviewee at a nice restaurant where the interview will be conducted. This is such a relaxed environment that the interviewee tends to let his guard down and the interviewer has a good opportunity to see the real person.

It’s up to you to find out what type of job interview you’re going to and prepare for it in advance so you know how to handle yourself in such a way that you’ll make the best impression possible.

Benefits of the Job Interview

The job interview has benefits for both the employer and the applicant. The employer can evaluate the applicant on a more personal level and the applicant has the opportunity to show off all of his or her best qualities in a variety of ways. Having a neat and professional appearance and having the ability to answer questions without appearing to be nervous and worried will make a good impression. When it comes to interviews, you only get one chance to make a good lasting impression.

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