Performance Based Interview

A performance based interview basically goes with the fact that the way people perform in a prior job is going to show how well they are going to perform in the job that they are applying for now. There are certain types of questions that are going to be asked that the applicant should be prepared for before they go into the interview.

Knowing what to be prepared for is going to make the interview process go much easier for both the interviewer and the applicant. The following are some sample questions that you can expect to be asked in some variation or another. Each set of questions is going to have a category that the interviewer is going to use to ascertain certain traits and qualities in an employee.

Imaginative Thought

– This shows how well you think on your feet to solve situations creatively and on the spot. Can you think through problems and come up with solutions using imaginative thought? The following are two sample questions that are going to have variations that you may encounter in a performance based interview:

1. What were two ideas that you offered your company at your last position? What was your thought process to come up with these ideas? Were your ideas utilized? How did this process make you feel?

2. Explain a situation where another employee came up with an effective idea for the company but management was not interested. What did you do to help this employee if anything and how did it turn out in the end?

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Dealing With Clients/Customers

– Many careers involve working directly with customers or clients. Companies need to know how well an applicant can deal with outside people and what people skills they are going to bring to the company. The questions below are going to be asked as a part of the customer/client interview:

1. Talk about a dealing that you had to handle when a client/customer was in a rage. Explain why they were upset and what happened in the end. How did you calm them down?

2. Explain one situation when you had a complaint from a customer who was always complaining and how you dealt with them. Were you able to remain calm or did you get angry. Discuss any techniques you used to sort the situation out.

Interpersonal Relations

– This is how you handle yourself in situations. The bottom line to these questions is to answer honestly. The answers do not really matter; it is how you see yourself that is telling. If you made a mistake and learned from it, then you should say so. Do not lie and try to sell yourself in a better light. That is not the purpose of these questions:

1. Talk about one time when you did not get your point across in a manner that your colleagues could understand. What did you do to make this problem a non issue?

2. How do you normal deal with conflicts? Cite one conflict that you had to deal with and how you handled it. What did you take away from that experience?

Now you know what to expect from a performance based interview and you can enter yours with more confidence than before.

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