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There are many reasons why a company is going to conduct a phone interview as opposed to a person to person live interview. In some instances it may be because of time constraints while other times it may be because of lack of personnel to do the interviewing. The following are some of the most common reasons that a company may choose a phone interview over a live interview.

Out of Town Applicants

– Many times a company is going to be hiring for very select positions that require a great deal of training, schooling, on the job experience or a combination of all three. This means that the applicants are not going to be from the same area as the company is located. It can be costly flying in all of the people who are applying for the position so phone interviews are the first step in narrowing down the field. This is more cost effective and can allow the interviewer the chance to see who is going to be flown in for a one on one interview.

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Large Pool of Applicants

– It is not uncommon, especially when jobs are hard to find, to get a large field of applicants that are qualified for the position offered. One way to narrow the field down is to run a brief phone interview to see who is going to come in for a personal interview. This offers the company the chance to speak to all of the applicants without taking too much of time away from the Human Resources Department. Usually this is going to involve a short list of questions that the interviewer asks the applicant. The answer to these questions is going to determine who is called back and who is passed over for the live interview.


– It can be expensive conducting in person interviews. For this reason, many companies only conduct phone interviews for the first interview. These interviews are more cost effective because it does not take as much time as an in-person interview would take. All the niceties can be skipped and the interviewing process is going to begin much quicker. When conducting in person interviews, it can take more than one person to conduct them simultaneously. Phone interviews only need one person to conduct them and this is going to save on manpower hours which again, save on expenses.

It is very important to be ready for a phone interview as it can happen at any time of day. In many cases, there is not going to be any forewarning for the phone interview. You could be at the grocery store and get that phone call. The last thing you want to do is tell the interviewer that you are too busy to take their call. Once you apply for a position, be prepared with answers to any interview questions that may be asked so you can get your phone interview completed successfully no matter where you are or what the situation when the phone call comes in.

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