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A phone interview is not much different than an in-person interview. Some can find a phone interview much easier to get through than an in person interview because you do not have to look at the interviewer, which can make people nervous. One thing to keep in mind when going through a phone interview is that this is an important evaluation of you and your skills. The only difference is that you are not face to face with the interviewer.

It is still important to conduct yourself professionally and to take the interview seriously. Remember it is not your buddy you are speaking to on the phone, it is your potential boss. There are a few questions that are going to be asked when you are interviewing on the phone and the following are some tips to get through the question and answers for a phone interview to make it more successful. Keep your resume on hand so that you can offer the same answers as you supplied on your resume.


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– The first set of questions is going to be about your previous employers as well as a work history. The interviewer is going to want to know why you are leaving your employer if you are still employed. You are going to be asked how much your starting pay was and how many times that amount was raised along with your ending salary. They may also want to know how much you expect to earn at your new position. You are also going to have to give details on your duties an


– One thing to remember is to be honest when answering these questions. While it is human nature to want to put ourselves in the best light, honesty is going to go much further than stretching the truth. The fact remains that the interviewer may have already contacted your prior employers so they already know the answers to many of these questions. How you answer can determine whether or not you get the position or not.

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– Some of the questions that may be asked are going to be why do you want to work at the interviewers company and why do you want that position. Why are you interested in that particular position? What are you going to bring to the company that other applicants may not offer? Finally, the interviewer may ask you if you are over or under qualified for the tasks related to the position you are applying for.


– Again, it is important to be honest when answering these questions. Use the post that you saw that drew you to the job and make some notes on it. You can respond honestly about what made you want to apply for it. Take each point that you were interested in and comment about it. If there is anything negative, do not mention it and move on to the next point. Having the listing printed out with your notes on it can make it easier to answer these questions. You should also do some research on the company so you can offer your thoughts on the company in general.

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