Second Interview

Have you just gotten the call back for a second interview from that great company you applied to? You may be wondering what the company’s representative is going to ask you that was not covered in the first interview. The fact is that the second interview can be even more stressful than the first so you need to be even more prepared for all the follow up that is going to take place. In many cases, you are going to be asked questions pertaining to the way you answered questions in the first interview and you may be expected to expand on those answers. There are a few tips that you can use to get through this second interview.

Be Prepared

– It is important to think about the first interview and review in your mind how it went. Was there any point where you were left without an answer or where you had to be evasive because you did not know the answer? If there were, be prepared to expand on this as it is important to clarify yourself now. Chances are, your interviewer remembers your lapse and is going to bring it up.

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Expect to Spend More Time at the Interview

– Since this is the second time the company is going to be seeing you, you may end up spending much more time with the company’s representative than you did at the first interview. The interview process is going to be more in depth and you are probably going to interview with more than one person. There may also be a tour of the company. If you have been asked to the second interview the chances are very good that you are going to be the one to land the job.

There May Be a Panel Interview

– Many companies prefer to conduct the second interview as a panel instead of a one-on-one interview. This can mean that you are going to be sitting in a conference room with three or more people who are going to be asking you questions at the same time. You are going to have to be even more collected and prepared than if you are interviewing with just one person. This can be very stressful so make sure you are ready for this type of interview. You can ask what the agenda is going to be before the interview commences.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to be relaxed and just be yourself. You got this far because the company saw something in you that they did not see in some of the other candidates. Be confident and walk in as if you already have the position without being overly arrogant. If you are prepared and ready for anything, you are going to breeze through the second interview.

The odds are that there are only one or two other candidates that were called back in for the second interview as this process is more time consuming than the first. When you go into it fully prepared, you can give the best possible performance at this interview.

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