Standard Interview Questions

Standard interviews can make or break the chances of getting hired. Not all companies have moved to newer interviewing techniques as they find that the standard interview is all that they need to determine whether or not a candidate is qualified for the position and is going to be a good fit in the company. There are many different interview questions that are going to be asked at each and every standard interview. By knowing these questions and being prepared for them can you give you the edge that other candidates are not going to going to have.

Previous Work History Questions

– The first thing you are going to be asked is about your previous work experience and how it pertains to the position you are applying for. This is going to show the interviewer what you are going to bring to the position and how effectively you can perform your duties. Those who get nervous at the interviews can bring notes, but it would be better to have the answers to these questions thought out but not memorized so you do not sound like you rehearsed for hours. Some questions can include:

• Previous employers

• Salary

• Duties

• What you liked/dislike about the position

• How you worked with others in the company

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Your Personality Questions

– The next set of questions basically are going to be asked to get a better idea of your personality. Many companies prefer certain personality traits for those whom they employ. It is really important to be honest because if your personality does not mesh with the company, you may be out of a job as soon as you land it. The questions below are commonly asked during a standard interview:

• Strengths and weaknesses

• Expected compensation

• What do you love to do

• What would you consider to be a pet peeve

• What makes you angry/happy/ sad

Your Expectations for the New Position and Your Future

– Most companies want to know what you expect from your employer. They are also going to want to know how you see your future and where their company fits into your plans. You need to know the answers to these questions without hesitation. These can be the most important questions you answer in the job interview. It can take some soul searching to answer these questions, but you need to know the answers. The standard interview questions in this category are going to include but are not limited to the following:

• Why did you apply for this position

• List the reasons why you should be hired on

• Would you travel for this position

• Where do you see yourself in ten years

• Do you have a backup plan if not hired

• How much do you want to make in five years

• Do you have personal goals

• What are going to do to complete these goals

• Do you have any questions for the interviewer

These standard interview questions will help you prep for your next interview so you can enter with confidence that you will do well and impress the company interviewing you.

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