Tell Me About Yourself Interview

This can be one of the most difficult questions to answer when interviewing for a job. Many people get caught up in lengthy discourse about them and wind up putting the interviewer to sleep. There are certain things that need to be known about you and some things you should keep to yourself. The interviewer does not want to hear about your puppy getting hit by a car when you were ten. They do not need to know where you go out and who your friends are. You do not need to go into a lengthy diatribe about your likes and dislikes. They need relevant information that is going to help you to show how you are going to handle yourself in the workplace.

You want to be brief and organized when you tell your interviewer about yourself. If you are actively seeking a new position, this question is going to be asked over and over so you need to be prepared with succinct answers that show you in your best light. Being prepared is one way to do this and doing some preparation is not going to take much time, but can mean the difference between getting the job and being passed over for another candidate.

• You need to come up with a couple skills that you know you are going to bring to the company that fit in with the job you are applying for. For instance, if the position is in accounting:

1. Good with numbers

2. Pay attention to details

3. Great with spreadsheets

You could say the following statement to get all three of these points across briefly:

‘I love working with numbers and spreadsheets and I do not like it when the numbers do not crunch. I am going to go to any length to make sure that there are no mistakes and that everything adds up properly.’

• When discussing your previous employers, you do not need to mention those that are not relevant to the interview if they are not in the same field or line of work. Using the accountant as an example, if you worked at a part time job to bring in some extra money during a financially difficult time, you would not need to mention that position if it was not accounting based. For instance, if you worked as a clown going to birthday parties, this is not going to show how well you can stay on task as an accountant.

Finally, do make sure you show examples where you made mistakes and learned from them. The interviewer knows that mistakes are made and that no one is perfect. Your honesty about the mistake and your ability to own up to and learn from it can give you the edge over the applicant who simply chooses to speak of themselves in a wholly good light. While you do want to present yourself in a positive way at the interview, this type of honesty is much more appreciated and may keep your name in the interviewer’s mind. With these tips, you can find success with this interview.

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