Tips For A Job Interview

Applying for a job can be a stressful time especially if you are unemployed and really need to get back to work. Interviewing is the most difficult part of the hiring process and can mean the difference between landing the job and being passed over. There are some tips that you can use to ensure the best possible interview that is going to show you in the best light.



– It is very important that you do some background research on the company so you know exactly what it is they do and the field that they are in. You are going to be asked what you know about the company and you do not want to look at the interviewer with a blank face. If you do your research, you can discuss the company with them in an informed manner and you may even find that you have some questions regarding the company and their history.


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Map The Route

– Before the day of your interview, take a drive to the location so you know exactly where you are going. It is also a good idea to time the trip so you are not going to be late. Give yourself some extra time the day of the interview to allow for accidents or other traffic tie ups that could make you late otherwise. You can always stop somewhere close to the interview location for a cup of coffee or tea to calm your nerves before meeting with the representative.


Dress For Success

– Even if you are applying for an entry level position or a position that is considered manual labor, you should dress in your best clothing. You should also dress appropriately. This means the gentlemen should wear slacks with dress shoes and at least a shirt and tie if not a full suit. Ladies should wear a modest length skirt or slacks with closed toe shoes. There should never be any cleavage showing when going to a job interview unless the lady is interviewing for gentlemen’s club. Otherwise, modesty is the keyword for dressing for an interview.


Practice the Interview

– Have one of your friends sit down with you and go through the interview process a few times. There are many places online that offer sample interview questions. Have them ask you these questions and see where you shine and where your interview techniques need work. If you have a video camera, record this interview and play it back to see how you are going to look to the company’s representative. If the camera makes you nervous, that is a good thing, you are going to be nervous at the interview.


Do Not Forget Your Documentation

– Any documentation that the company has asked that you supply should be brought with you to the interview. ‘I forgot’ is not a great way to start and interview and you may find that it is cut short. Those who did not forget are going to be at the top of the call back list while you are delegated to the bottom.

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