Top Ten Interview Questions

Interviewing can be difficult for many people. Nerves can get the best of them if they do not practice and know what to expect. Anyone who is going to an interview should have a friend come by and go through the interview process in a dry run or practice run to see where they may need help with their interviewing skills. These top ten interview questions can help the friend to ask the same questions that are going to be asked in the interview.


Describe Yourself

– Be brief and do not go into too many details. What they really want to know is how you are going to benefit the company. Highlight your skills and accomplishments and do not go into too much detail if possible. Keep this answer under five minutes in length or you are going to lose your audience.

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List The Reasons For the Company To Hire You

– This ties in with the number one question. ‘Because I need a job’ is not going to be a good answer. Tell the interviewer those skills that you are going to offer the company.


Where do You See Yourself in Five Years?

– The interviewer wants to know if you are coming to the company with a long range goal or if you are using them as a stepping stone. It is important to be honest with this question. If they are looking for a long term employee and you cannot offer that, you should let them know.


Describe Your Education in Relation to the Position

– If you received a degree in another field than the one you are applying for, let the interviewer know what courses you took that may offer them the perfect person for the position.


Do You Prefer To Work Alone or With a Team?

– This question can be a very important one. Most companies want a team player who is self motivated. This means you can work with others as well as on your own without much supervision.


Describe a Time When You Had a Conflict with Another Employee and How it was Resolved

– This question is basically asked to show your interpersonal skills. The interviewer wants to know how you deal with others in a stressful situation.


Explain Where You Are Weak

– This is a question designed to see how honest you are about yourself. Many people do not want to admit they are weak. Being honest with yourself and with the interviewer is going to go a long way towards you getting the position.


How Would Others Describe You?

– You do not want to use your friends as an example. The interviewer does not care how they love hanging out with you. Instead, describe how previous business associates would relate to you and how they would rate your work ethic.


What Skills Should Those in Management Possess?

– The interviewer simply wants to know if you have the mindset to be an effective leader. Talk about the positive traits that managers in the past that you have worked for possessed.


What Would You Change About Your Past?

– If you are happy with the way your life has been, you can answer nothing and be perfectly honest. Those that would change something should be thoughtful and should stick with business topics, not personal life experiences that they would change if they show the applicant in a poor light.

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