Tough Interview Questions

The job interview can be a very intimidating experience but you can make it more comfortable by being prepared. Most interviewers ask a series of common questions that you may be familiar with already. These are not too difficult to answer and usually include questions such as, why are you searching for a new job and what type of experience do you have that makes you a good candidate for this position. Nevertheless, there are times when you’ll be faced with a few tough interview questions that are much harder to answer.

These are the ones you need to be prepared for so you won’t be caught off-guard and not know what to say. Most of these are called ‘open-ended questions’ because there is no right or wrong answer but at the same time, the answer could make the difference in getting the job and being passed over for someone else. Below are a few of these tough interview questions along with an example of the way they could be answered in a positive way.

Tell me a little something about yourself?

This is your opportunity to tell the interviewer something about yourself that would make you a good candidate for the job. For example, if you’re applying for a job where you’ll be dealing with the public, saying you have good people skills would be a good answer. The interviewer is not asking for personal information and you’re expected to know that.

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Where do you see yourself five years from now?

The best way to answer this question is by looking at the position you’re applying for and thinking about where you would be if you do your job well and advance with the company. For example, if you’re applying for a sales position, five years from now you could see yourself moving up to a management position.

Have you ever had a disagreement with a professor or supervisor in the past and how did you handle it?

Everyone has been faced with some type of conflict in their adult life so saying no is not a good answer. Instead, say yes and give an example of how you dealt with the situation in a professional manner.

What do you think your last employer will say about you?

The best way to answer this question would be to ask it yourself in advance. Have your previous employer write you a letter of recommendation. When you’re faced with this question you’ll have an answer and written proof of what he or she would say.

What qualities do you believe a manager should have in order to be a success?

The best answer to this question revolves around being a true leader who can direct others and keep them on course in a friendly but stern way. It also involves being a visionary that can inspire others to reach their highest potential.

These answers are meant to give you direction so you can find the best answers that apply directly to you personally. When faced with these tough interview questions, you’ll have a great answer that shows you are a true professional.

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