Behavioral interview

The interview is an evaluation process through which two or more people are evaluated by an employer or recruiter. There are different types of interviews. For each company exist specifics interviews, but all of them have the same objective know the behavior, the abilities and the conduct of the interviewees.

In an interview one person or more people are evaluated through questions related to different aspects such as: technical, theoretical-practical and psychological. Most interviews are based in the job position offered and what do the company does.

The next list includes the most common types of interview:

Behavioural Interview

  • In-Person interview.
  • Lunch and Dinner interview.
  • Panel or Group interview.
  • Behavioral interview.
  • Telephone interview.
  • Video interview.
  • Selection interview.
  • Stress interview.
  • Work sample interview.

The interviews possibilities depend about the job position and the company.

The behavior interview is an interview based in specific situation. In this type of interview are been taking some labor situation from the past. Depending about the responsibility of the work the recruiters look for specific abilities and qualities.

Most companies look for good work environmental abilities such as problem solving skill, adaptability, leadership, conflict resolution, multi-tasking, initiative or stress management, besides human values such as honesty, responsibility, punctuality.

The differences between a traditional interview and behavioral interview are divided in the next list:

Traditional interview

This type of interview is an easy way to know the people. Most companies use it to contract their new staff.

  • Is a process with a series questions.
  • The questions are used to know the interviewees.
  • The questions are based about the company or the job position.
  • Could be defined as a dialogue between two or more people.

Behavioral interview

This type of interview tries to evaluate the abilities needed for the job in different situations and tries to find if the candidate have this skills.

  • This interview will evaluate your abilities.
  • The questions are specifics (depending about the job).
  • These interviews are used for important positions.
  • In this interview the recruiter will bring us into a specific job situation.
  • The interviewer will qualify our capacity to solve problems in some work situations.

The most common questions in a Behavioral interview are the listed:

  • Give some examples when you have solved problems from your previously employment.
  • Describe a specific stress situation from your work.
  • What would you do if in the company do not exist a good work environmental?
  • What do you think about the work team?
  • Give an example of work under pressure.
  • What would you do if you don’t agree with your job position or salary?


  • Try to be relaxed
  • During the interview try to be honest.
  • Do not give invented examples.
  • Try to be secure when you answer.
  • If is necessary describe a specific job situation do it with your own words
  • Before give an answer listen the complete question and take the enough time to do it.