Group interview

As we know there are several types of interviews. The interviews are related about the company, about the job offered and about the level of responsibility of the job. The most common type of interview is the In-personal interview that is based in a list of questions. There is other type of interview called Group interview, Many Psychologies and some companies prefer this type of interviews.

Group Interview

In a group interview, the recruiters or employers request the group of candidates to introduce themselves one by one. The purpose of these types of interview is to know how the candidates interact with others, know the personality of the interviewees, and how do they elaborate answers in front of other people.

The number of the interviewers is between two or five persons: managers and supervisors are the most common maybe a psychology too.

The process of the interview

  • The interview starts with a presentation of the interviewer and a presentation about the job offered.
  • The next step is the answer session.

Purpose of this interview

  • Interview the candidates in groups (easy way in interview more people will safe time)
  • Observe the behavior of the candidates in front of others
  • Know the capacity of communication of the candidates.

The group interviews are different one from each other, and depend about the company. In some cases the candidates are evaluated in work-simulation exercises, in these exercises are evaluated the capacity to adapt, teamwork, planning, organization, leadership, production, response capacity and contribution with the group. These work-simulation exercises are not necessarily related with the job could be a hypothetic situation.

Our recommendations

  • Since the first moment be educated with the rest of the group and interviewers.
  • Be honest with your information (When you are introducing yourself)
  • Be confident about yourself.
  • Do not ever interrupt the participation of other candidates in any case.
  • Be sure of give positive a well-structured answers.
  • Be relaxed in stressful situations.
  • Always paid attention to other people.
  • Give your opinions when is necessary.
  • Many people recommend send a thank-you letter to the recruiters or interviewers, whatever be the case

If you want to have a good performance in the interview you should consider these recommendations, It that were the case that you should not been called. This interview is going to be a good experience and you will be more confident about yourself for the next interview.

Most common questions in these types of interview

  • Please introduce yourself
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • What is your opinion about this interview?
  • Have you ever been in a similar situation (Hypothetical situation)?
  • What will be you contribution to ensure the success of this team?
  • What would you change in this group to contribute to the team€™s performance?
  • What aspects of the task did your team struggle to accomplish? What would you propose to do differently next time?
  • What appeals to you about this opportunity?