Typical Interview Questions

When you are preparing for an interview, your first step should be to learn the typical interview questions and how to go about answering them in a way that is beneficial to you. This is important for a variety of reasons. It will help you learn more about the types of interview questions you will be asked and how you can give the best answers.

You can perform a mock interview with someone you trust and feel comfortable with and this will serve as your opportunity to practice the answers that you want to give in your interview. This keeps the interview real and helps you to feel more comfortable when you do have the interview.

There are many different questions that you might be asked in your job interview so it’s hard to completely prepare for every question. However, there are some typical interview questions that we see again and again in most interviews. You can expect that you will probably see these too in some form. When you learn them and practice answering them, you will do well on your interview.

Typical interview questions include things like:

• What do you like most about your last (or current) job?

• Tell me about yourself.

• What do you like the least about your last (or current) job?

• How would you describe your last boss?

• How would your co-workers describe you?

• What motivates you in your job?

• How do you define success in your job?

• How do you handle conflict?

• Describe the perfect job.

• What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced?

Keep in mind that you will sometimes be asked more difficult questions or tricky questions. These are often meant to see how you will respond to the question more so than for the answer to the question itself. This is when it is important to prepare for the question first and know how you will respond.

If you are ever in doubt of how you should respond to an interview question, just remember the golden rule: keep everything in a positive light. When talking about where you used to work, why you left, your boss and co-workers or other details, always keep a positive attitude about it. If questioned about your past, your personality or other details about yourself, keep this positive as well. You are essentially marketing yourself so you want to project a positive image at all times and show them how you would be good for the company.

If you have ever done a job interview before, you probably already know some of these questions. But maybe the last time you took part in an interview, you may not have prepared for it properly. You don’t have to worry about it this time around because you can prepare with the typical interview questions that get asked. Take the time to practice and review these questions as well as the answers that you should give and you will walk into your interview and every interview after this with confidence.

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