Hiring Kiosk

A hiring kiosk is a way to help an applicant to fill out online job applications, leaving aside the paper.This mechanism helps the hiring managers to have immediate access to the employment application information, and some employers also use the system for processing new hire, to offer human resources information to some employees who do not have a desktop computer, and to get some benefits and other employment information.

Currently, organizations are using self-service technologies to use their human resources staff more efficiently and to hire better-quality people. All applicants look at the same, so this system has various advantages for the employers, that is to say, they can compare the consistency of presentation, screening of several applicants and automating the sorting, as well as the pre-sorting of applicants using a large number of assessments.

The employment kiosks are appropriate for both employers and applicants. Employers use the kiosks because this helps to save on hiring costs, that is to say, an organization can decrease the amount of money that must spend in the newspaper or post job online.In short, this method is a simple and quick way to apply for a job applicant.

Hiring kiosk

A hiring kiosk is mobile and small like ATM booths, so its usability has increased considerably the last years.The highlight of this method is that the applicants can find these booths in crowded places such as retail stores and malls. These booths help candidates to apply for a job in about an hour. The applicants just need to respond detailed questions, without resumes or inconvenience.

All employment kiosks need all your information, but several kiosks require applicants date of birth, supply SSNs, and the answer to personality questions and detailed skills, instead of a resume. Some of these kiosks also have an instant background check and SSN check to facilitate the work of employers.

The kiosks usually have a phone, miniature keypad, secure connection and mini computer screen. However, these booths don’t comply with privacy policy for a job applicant’s SSNs, questionnaire data and dates of birth, and this information can be handled, stored, deleted, among other things.That is why, the use of kiosks to apply for a job represents a risk for all job seekers.

How to use a hiring kiosk

To use an employment kiosk, it is necessary the work history or a copy of resume, because you will complete an online job application form with your employment-related and personal information. The most important thing is to know that the system will help you to complete the job application. After you submit your application form, if the organization wants to schedule an interview, the hiring manager will contact you.

A large number of companies are using hiring kiosks, some of them are: Advance Auto Parts, Babies “R” Us, Circuit City, Family Dollar, Hollywood Entertainment, Lowe’s Companies, Kroger, Nordstrom, Original Roadhouse Grill, Marshall Field’s, Pathmark Stores, Raley’s Fine Foods, Six Flags, Southeastern Freight, Toys’R’Us, Universal Studios, AmeriPark, Finish Line, Batteries & Bands and Wal-Mart.