In-person job application

In Person Job Application

There are different ways to apply for a job, one of them is in-person job application that is a little different from applying for a job online, it is not difficult but requires some preparation and overall review the next information.

As you know in the job search process you must consider several aspects and some advices, if you are working for a company but you are looking for new job opportunities or new professional challenges, or maybe you don’t have a work.

Is very necessary give importance and prepare in a proper manner your resume, updating and adding the most important information for the company, it depends about the company where you want to work, you must make a research about the company and put in your resume the relevant information for the company.

In-personal job application is necessary show your major achievements, goals and your abilities, is important make a review the most relevant information about the company where we are trying to apply, it is advisable review the most quantity of information, while more is better.

We recommend search the job an opportunity in the internet another option is to call the company or by asking information to the human resources department. Other way to know if there are job opportunities in the company is by job agencies, newspaper or visiting the portal web of the company.

It is advisable prepare the next information:

  • You Resume, You must prepare your resume adding the necessary information.
  • Make a review about your labor experience, the recruiter are going to ask some questions about it.
  • Prepare you full contact information, your mail, cell phone number, address, and information you consider important.
  • Information about labor experience you could include in this part information about where you have worked and previous employers.
  • Information about the colleges, and universities where you have graduated

Please be aware to be well dressed, we recommend use a suit; you must have a clean and uncluttered look. As we said for many recruiters the first impression is the most important, in this types of job application you should know how to sell yourself highlightingyour appearance, abilities and skills.

You should be secure about yourself and demonstrate your ideas in clear form, for some recruiters and employers the most important is the first impression tries to be honest and take the sufficient time before give an answer, all companies require well prepared professionals.

In-person job application is not too difficult, you must know these advices, and try to apply them at this moment, we recommend be patient and maintain the willpower. The job search is not a simple task, the job search may take several days, weeks and months or even years, but with planning everything is possible.

Follow-up – call in a week or so to check on the status of your application, with a call you will demonstrate your interest for the job. Some jobs agencies recommend don’t do this kind of calls.