Job offer checklist

job offer checklist

Do you have a job offer? Have you already made a job offer checklist? There are several factors to consider when you evaluate a job offer. You should not accept a new job as soon as it is offered. It is important to take time to analyze if this job is what you imagine. Evaluating the job offer will help you to decide if you want or not that job. If you don’t want to miss important details, you can use a checklist. It is essential to compare what you want to get and what the employer offers you.

Job offers usually come by telephone. This situation gives you the opportunity to elaborate a list with your request and check if they match with employer’s offers. You will have the chance to discuss these details with the employer. However, there will be some points that you cannot negotiate like some benefits. It is important to discuss the terms of the employment to not have any kind of problem in the future.

The following items are some details you should consider in your job offer checklist. This is a comprehensive list; therefore, every item is not necessarily applied to a specific offer.

Job details

  • Look for the title
  • Reporting to
  • Starting date

Salary details

  • Incentive and profit-sharing bonus
  • Check base salary
  • Commissions
  • Pension
  • Signing-on bonus
  • Provident fund


  • Always determine casual leave, earned leave, medical leave, overtime, paid holidays, and compensatory offs


  • Check life insurance, dental insurance, travel insurance, disability benefits, accidental death, dependant insurance, etc

Work environment

  • Is the organization family-friendly?
  • Do you have flexibility for emergencies?
  • Can this job position alter my lifestyle? How?
  • Size of the organization:
  • Where do you prefer to work in a large or a small organization?
  • Does the company have branches in other places?
  • It is an international company?

Training opportunities

  • Are there training opportunities available?
  • Do you count with a professional development plan for employees?

Other benefits

  • Employers offer you: a club membership, child care, traveling allowance, training sponsorship, reimbursement of tuition, expense account, relocation allowance, car and driver, a personal notebook, clothing allowance, a personal cellphone, parking, subscription to professional and trade journals, etc

You can use this guideline and elaborate your own checklist. There are other important details to you that the list above does not mention. The aim of making a checklist is to not forget those details that can make more rewarding your job. These items will provide you the enough information to decide if this job is good for you. You must be careful negotiating, once you accept the job offer, renegotiating is often difficult and usually impossible.

It is important to write your checklist and evaluate those points that you are not willing to negotiate and those that you can be more flexible. You must not forget that the employer have his/her checklist too. You and the employer can have a mutual agreement; it is the aim of negotiating the terms of the job offer.