Ready to negotiate?

Congratulations, you have gotten the job you apply for. Are you ready to negotiate? Employment negotiations depend of both parts: employer and employee. The success of this process will depend on how well you are prepared. It is not advisable to take a quick decision. You have to take your time to think about this offer, although you are charged with many emotions.

ready to negotiate

Most people only focus their efforts in the job search and they do not have any strategy to deal with the process of a job offer. You must keep on mind that your negotiation skills will help you get a good salary and the benefits you need. Employers often talk about the benefits they offer and the payment of the job position at interview, but they rarely offer the maximum compensation at the beginning.

Negotiating a job offer is more than just getting the job, the benefits and the salary you want. You should also see if you will have the job and the environment that will match your career goals and meet your needs. You also have to define your responsibilities, job tasks and roles. The aim of negotiating is to make your new job more enjoyable and rewarding, although there will be some aspects that you cannot negotiate and others that you can. You should always try to reach a mutual agreement with your employer.

It is important to know all the aspects of the job offer before you negotiate; they will help you know what you can get and what you cannot get. The following list shows you the thing you should consider for an adequate compensation:

  • Salary, commissions and bonus.
  • Health and life insurance plans.
  • Overtime pay.
  • Pension plans.
  • Educational reimbursement.
  • College tuition plans for your children.
  • Ability to work from home.
  • Stock options.
  • Dental insurance.
  • Vacations.

It is possible to not get all the items of the list above, but you must be smart to negotiate. If you want to have a successful negotiation, you have to consider two main aspects: a win-win attitude and readiness to accept a compromise. You employer need to know that if he/she provides what you need and want to work, you will make your best effort at job.

Now, ready to negotiate? If you don’t know yet how to negotiate, the following tips will clarify your doubts:

  • You should research the market to compare your job offer with others.
  • When you start to negotiate, you need to keep your confidence; otherwise employers can take advantage of you insecurity.
  • You should never negotiate when you are not ready. If you need mush time to think about the job offer, you might take it. You don’t have to take an important decision as fast as someone else wants.
  • You must be clear about your needs. Explain them and your requirements to avoid misunderstandings in the future.
  • It is important to be honest. You cannot negotiate if you don’t know what exactly you want.
  • You have to be clear and concise. Express your ideas clearly but don’t use many hours to do it.
  • Don’t get emotional. Your emotions can plays against you. You should try to focus on facts and keeps your emotions away.
  • Make sure both sides understand each other. You are negotiating with someone else. You need to know if he/she understands your requests as you do.
  • You need to find a win-win attitude. It is possible to not get what you desire, but you must always to keep a positive attitude.