When nothing works

Many times we have felt like this before. We are referring to the time when you felt that you will obtain the job. You have passed the interview and feel excited and anxious because you think that you have the opportunity to get the job. You feel nervous but excited at the same time because you think that you are the best candidate for the job. Then, unfortunately you receive a rejection call or letter. Probably, you asked why these things happen to me. So, when nothing works you can find here some advices that will help you in this type of cases.

When nothing works

First, you should respond by sending them a reply. Try not to ignore them. No matter if it is an email or a letter. If you receive a call, it could be a little difficult to ignore them. Second, it is important to be kind at any moment. You should be grateful because they considered you as a potential hire. In the same way, feel appreciated because of their effort and time spent. Here, you can express with good feelings. For example, you could say that you feel honored, in addition say that you liked to meet more people and you can tell more positive feelings.

Finally, think about living the door open for them. You could let the company know that if they have spots open in the future or the candidate hired doesn’t work as it was expected, they can trust in you. Tell them that you would like to be considered and work for them.

We will mention some related stories. For instance, you will find below a common case that happens to people. Once, Peter really wanted to get a job for many years. He presented to a company that needed candidates with a lot of years of experience. However, he just had 4 or 5 years of experience. Then, he thought that it could be a good opportunity and sent his resume because he felt as a good interviewee. The next day, Peter received a call from the executive recruiter. After a month, Peter had an interview with him. Later, he had an interview with the company. Soon, he realized how the recruitment process works. At the beginning, they received 150 resumes. Then, 50 candidates where called for a follow up. After that, they interviewed around 30 candidates by phone and some of them where interviewed by the company in two occasions. At the end, there were 3 in the list of potential hires.

Peter took the second place in that process. When the recruiter called to tell him the events, he said thanks for his time and appreciated his effort. Peter said that he loved the company and he would like to be in other opportunities with them. Then, he sent a thank you note written by hand one for the recruiter and other for the president of the company.

After a couple of months, that company needed an executive with the same level that he was interviewed, so there only could be one candidate and it was Peter. They called him and he talked with the new division head. The next day he got a job offer. So, the next time when nothing works remember to respond thankfully, be kind and live the door open.