New job advice

A new job advice is maybe the highest compliment you get from the employer after your hard work, but remember to not accept immediately due to the emotion and surprise; there’re some things to consider before. You may think that receive a job offer is such a miracle, because there’re many people waiting for opportunities and you cannot reject one; but although you may need a job, remember that accepting a job you don’t like could be a mistake.

Think in your goals and the career planning you had before, be firm on your decisions and although it’s maybe a job that appears after a very long time, think and decide according to: if the job will take you in the right direction according to your career plans? To reject a job that doesn’t fit to your goals, geographic location or salary expectation is not big deal, but what happens when you find it’s a job you’ve desiring since always.

Recommended Steps

  • Don’t say yes immediately, who can ensure that there isn’t other better offer for you and it’s on your way; consider the time the company contacted you will wait for an answer. Write the company for time to consider and give a specific date to send your answer (no more than 5 days); but if the company wants an immediate reply, think carefully if it’s the job you want and send your answer.
    Companies should send letters when offer a job, in these letters they should detail the job offer, it’s important to receive this document before accepting or rejecting an offer.
  • If you’re expecting the response of certain companies, you can let them know the situation so if employer is interested he/she will decide soon. Do not accept a job offer if you don’t understand the responsibilities it carries.
  • Let’s imagine, you€˜re interested in the job, be sure that you have clear at least the basic information such as: Salary (including commissions and bonuses), dates to begin, who to report and when, analyze the information and accept the offer according to it; if you accept the proposal, do it in writing, and keep a copy of that document for you.
  • The negotiation is not an easy or quick step. Firstly, convey to the company your enthusiasm in working for them, if you want to ask for something not specified on the job offer, explain the reason why you ask for it with confidence, let them know your salary expectations if they’re not according to the job offer, if there’s something that bother you, let them know.
  • When finally you’re sure of your decision, it’s a good idea to call first, and then send a letter. The decision is important because if you consider backing out after accepting it, you may have negative ramifications in the industry, and remember that you don’t know who you may be interviewing with in the future. Then you can start with the right foot and impress your new employer; you can show your interest by asking if there are any materials that you can read or study before you begin work, they’ll see you as the person that truly has the kind of attitude that will go far in the company.

What if I won’t accept the job?

As you might feel, a new job advice is like a compliment; however, even if you’re not interested in the job, be humble and polite by thanking the employer for the opportunity. And don’t feel discouraged, there’ll be other opportunities, and your decision is good because suffering with a job you dislike doesn’t worth any position.

We recommend:

  • The abilities needed for job search will be useful to you for your lifetime; they should be present always because that knowledge and skills can be necessary in coming years.
  • Thank personally all people could helped you in the process, your family, friends, relatives, etc; you must show gratitude.
  • You’ve received a lot with the opportunity, then it’s time for you to back to others who maybe didn’t have the opportunity; when you serve others, you get richly blessed.