New job tips

The following new job tips will help you in know how to conduct yourself through the first days at a new job, keep them as an habit because they will help you always.

Your first few days

  • Remember that first impressions are the most remembered so watch what you say and do. It’s a good first step to understand what your company does for a living, be prepared because other people might ask maybe your friends, neighbors. Read all company literature possible and become an expert on the theme.
  • Use conservative clothing or above the conservative median within the company; remember that you should dress how you want people to perceive you; it plays an important role in how you’re initially treated.
  • Learn co-workers names quickly, at least from those to whom you are introduced. If you forget some name, it’s not bad to ask his/her name again, they’ll understand because they only have to remember one new name, while you will have multiples.
  • Individualize your work area, but not too personal. Frame your degree and hang it on the wall. Put a small figure on your desk. Get a nameplate so everyone will know who you are.
  • Do some research and learn about their product lines, their philosophies, and their corporate culture.
  • Be friendly with everyone and be careful with your manners. If something makes you feel frustrated take a deep breath and smile anyway.
  • Start conversation with your new co-workers, you can begin with generic small talks about music, movies, sports, etc; avoid personal themes such as: politics, government or religion. Be conservative and don’t tell everyone everything about you.
  • In order to reinforce your relation with other coworkers you can talk about near spots for good coffee or lunch in order to help you for a best social level; this interaction may result in some coworkers that can invite you to lunch with them.
  • People don’t get used to a new person in one day so give them time
  • You can bring some cookies, cupcakes, etc and leave them in the lunchroom; coworkers will love these details.
  • The first week of a new job can be physically and emotionally exhausting, so it’s recommendable to have all things ready for the entire week, it means have all the clothing prepared and your activities planned ahead, it’ll help to have some routes to go to work, more than one because if the traffic gets worse you’ll have other options.
  • Your first work must be a good day since when you leave your home, no one knows if you meet with a coworker or your new boss before you arrive to the office. Remember first impressions are important
  • Keep a positive attitude and an open mind. Your life has changed and it will take getting used to.
  • Smile a lot and be friendly. Get to know your co-workers and what their interests are. Have a toothbrush and breath mints in your desk for bad breath emergencies
  • It’s important to have a notepad or pocket organizer with you, to write down both your brilliant thoughts and daily reminders as they occur to you.
  • Remember that integrity means doing what is right, even if it is unpopular, unfashionable, and unprofitable. Integrity sold cannot be repurchased.

We think that it’s important to know which things avoid when you’re starting on a new job, that’s why we added to our new job tips, a short list with don’ts:

Do not do this…

  • Don’t interrupt conversations or listen to others’ conversations, coworkers can misinterpret that as if you were the spy of the boss.
  • Don’t be involved in gossip or rumors about coworkers, stay away of that because usually people involved in those activities never get promoted; even when the temptation is great, stand for honesty and integrity in all you do.
  • Don’t complain or talk about past employers, or compare processes in other jobs, complainers don’t get promoter neither. Avoid phrases like “That’s not how we did it at my old company”, because your colleagues will just be thinking this: “Well, you’re not at your old company and if you liked it so much why didn’t you stay there.”
  • If you find or know a better way to make some processes, go to the boss and tell him/her good and new ideas are appreciated.
  • Don’t invite coworkers to join to via social media (facebook, twitter, myspace, etc) if you want to keep business connection network Linkedln is ok. And do not try to sell work mates anything.