Online job search

Albeit the popularity of online job boards establishes millions of jobs at one’s fingertips, it has also made the job applicant pool much bigger. For this situation, international job search sites and the Internet have obtained a bad rap from some industry professionals as an inadequate job seeker tool. However, the Internet really can be a great resource for job seekers; the only thing they have to know is how to use this.

Online job search

If you are seeking a job through internet, here are some important online job search tips..

If you build it, they can come

Instead of solely posting your resume on a Web site, you can design an easily-navigable Web site or online portfolio. This portfolio online allow recruiters to see all your information including: goals, previous jobs, skills, CV and personal information. It brings many advantages because the entire website will center only on you.

Narrow your options

There are several tools that provide filters to help users to improve their search results more quickly. These tools allow you to select your job search by different features including: industry, region, time, and frequently you can narrow it even more by keywords, company names, experience needed and salary.

Go directly to the source

There are many people who only applies for the jobs openings posted on internet or a newspaper, this brings many disadvantages such as a large number of people who wnat the same job. One of the best ways to finding a job is to be clear the exactly place where we want to work and then contact the hiring manager.

Find your niche with industry Web sites

Another important advice to find a job in a short time is to visit the website of the company where you want to work. Try to visit first the regional website, if there is not any vacancy, try to visit the national websites that includes all the branches. This way of staff recruitment allows companies to have a bigger pool of qualified applicants.

Try online recruiters

Another advantage of online recruitment is that it can help you to find jobs that meet your skills and needs. If you do not know where to start, you should visit:,, and in which you will be able to find a large number of links to online headhunters for job seekers.

Utilize video resumes

Video resumes do not replace the traditional resumes, but they can be used to show some important qualities that one can enhance, in addition, through this videos recruiters can know little more about your personality.

Use job alerts

Most of the job boards that exist on the Internet offer job alerts. A Job Alert is an e-mail that is sent automatically to people who are registered on that page. Job alerts are a really useful tool because keep people informed about new job opportunities.

Get connected

Other important tools that can help you to make professional contacts are the networking sites like Through this kind of sites, job seekers no longer have to rely on the old standby of exchanging business cards with strangers because as these sites are composed by millions of industry professionals you can connect with people you know and people they know.

As we can see, the online job search brings many advantages for anyone, so what are you waiting for use it?