Review of LiveCareer Resume Builder

Reviewed on 9/15/2014 by Resume-Now, rating 5/5

LiveCareer Resume Builder Review

Throughout the course of doing this LiveCareer Resume Builder review, we learned why the LiveCareer website is considered the premier online source for job hunting tools and resources. The Resume Builder is a comprehensive tool that’ll ensure that your resume comes out looking professional and will grab the attention of any hiring manager.

Getting Your Materials Ready Prior To Using This LiveCareer Resume Builder Review

The LiveCareer website doesn’t put a time limit on its Resume Builder, but your experience will go much smoother if you pull all of your information together ahead of time. If you have a resume, spend some time updating it because that can also save you time as you use the Resume Builder.

Another important thing to keep in mind as you go through the resume builder is that you’ll always have access to live help whenever you need it. You will see the prominent “live chat” link at each step of the Resume Builder that you can use to speak directly to a resume professional whenever you need to. This is very useful if you ever have any questions and want to get them answered right away.

Get Underway By Providing Your Information

As we were writing this LiveCareer Resume Builder review, it was apparent that most of the career services on the website center around the Resume Builder. It’s in your best interest to be as comprehensive as possible when giving information to Livecareer. The website makes it easy by guiding you through each step with simple questions that’ll become the basis of your completed resume.

You can choose to input all of your professional and educational information line by line, or you can upload your existing resume. If you do use your existing resume, be certain that you took our advice from earlier and updated it. The resume uploading tool will save you a lot of time, but it only does you good if your resume is accurate. We recommend making the changes in your resume to save time.

Pick a LiveCareer Template

Earlier in this LiveCareer Resume Builder review, we mentioned that Livecareer is the most comprehensive job hunting resource on the Internet. They backed up our praise by providing the most comprehensive library of resume formats available on the web. You’ll get to see your information put into a template that’ll make you look like a true professional—without having to design a format yourself.

You can choose to utilize one of the templates that is tied directly to your industry, or you can simply utilize the format that looks the best to you. Once you see your resume in one of these professional templates, you’ll hardly believe that you did it yourself!

Edit It And Then Send It Out

The easiest part of creating this LiveCareer Resume Builder review was doing the final edits and creating a truly professional looking resume. Livecareer compliments its library of templates with an equally impressive collection of resume samples. You can take your resume and compare it to resumes for your industry that were created by real job hunting professionals. If you see something in an example that catches your eye, simply replicate it in yours for an easy addition.

To make your job hunt easier, the LiveCareer website offers several formats for downloading your resume. You can choose from MS Word, Rich Text, Plain Text, PDF, and Web Ready formats. The LiveCareer resume builder make sure that your resume is ready to go the moment you finish creating it.

We were extremely impressed with the LiveCareer Resume Builder and found it easy to use. It only takes three steps to create a resume that looks like it was done by a professional. With these resources and simple tools, you can develop a resume package that is sure to get hiring managers interested in talking to you. All you need to do is make sure that your information is complete and that you follow the easy, three-step instructions. Do that, and LiveCareer does the rest! For these reasons, we rate LiveCareer’s Resume Builder 5/5.

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