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Plan Your Future: A Review of LiveCareer

The job market has never been fiercer. Between fluctuating unemployment and a volatile economy, individuals are pretty much clawing through the muck and mire to get hiring managers to take note of their resume and qualifications. Meanwhile, the Internet has been both a boon and a curse. It has opened up a world of opportunity for job seekers, providing almost unlimited resources to searches, communities and means of direct, fast contact. The unfortunate aspect is those resource are available to pretty well everyone everywhere. Where there was a time a hiring manager might receive a dozen or two applicant cover letters and resumes, now they are likely to get five to ten times that many because the Internet gives more candidates a chance to find the one perfect position everyone wants.

But the many great advantages of the Internet cannot be dismissed. Take, for instance, a resource like LiveCareer. It is without doubt a smart option for the job seeker. While there have always been services that can help with the job search, none have had the far reaching possibilities of an innovative company like this. LiveCareer is revolutionizing the job search both on- and off-line through a wide range of products and services that put candidates together with the jobs that want and need. And they do so with a line of unparalleled educational products and services for producing unique resumes and cover letters, developing interview skills, constantly updated job listings and other career resources.

LiveCareer Review

LiveCareer wants to change the way everyone looks for employment. From resume services to cover letter templates to step-by-step guides and easy to use one click designs, LiveCareer promises the finest tools for catching the hiring manager’s eye. They also have the tips, techniques and tactics for acing the interview. This is one-stop, invaluable shopping for anyone that wants to put their best foot forward and this LiveCareer review will show you why.

LiveCareer has a series of outstanding products, including a well-renowned Resume Builder. This solution has received high marks from the likes of Forbes and The New York Times. It contains hundreds of templates and designs with unique properties for a variety of positions and industries. Use it to craft your resume, then run it through Resume-Check, a program that looks for and identifies close to two dozen of the most common resume mistakes. To make sure you get it precise, there’s also a professional Resume Review service that promises a thorough critique of grammar and spelling, formatting and section-by-section structure.

Cover Letters
The unfortunate reality is that the average resume gets a cursory review—at best. The cover letter is the introduction to hiring managers that makes them want to read your resume. LiveCareer’s Cover Letter Builder has one click designs, easy to use templates with fill-in-the-blanks options, automated samples and proven sample phrases that promote qualifications. This resource will help you develop the perfect cover letter faster and give you a greater chance of getting that interview.

Other Services
No LiveCareer review would be complete without mentioning solutions like the free career test. This scientifically structured assessment takes pertinent information about experiences, tasks, education and training to help establish a career path that fits your personality, lifestyle and skills. There are also tests for career aptitude, resumes and job satisfaction. There’s a library of tips and videos on getting through that critical interview. You can also make use of the site’s job listings, salary calculator and education opportunities. Download material in formats like PDF, Word, rich and plain text, and HTML.

LiveCareer: The Ultimate Resource for Finding the Best Opportunities

LiveCareer wants to help everyone make the best decisions regarding their future. From career tests to prepping and acing the interview, they have the solutions for marketing yourself to the highest bidders. If nothing else, this LiveCareer review demonstrates the company is an exemplary opportunity, providing the greatest chance to plan your next move.

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