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Billy Lindsey
846 George Street
Williston, FL 32696

Objective: To be able to grow professionally as a Nurse in a reputable hospital and make a significant contribution by faithfully executing my job.

Interpersonal Skills:

‘ Empathetic to patient’s situation
‘ Caring to patients’ needs
‘ Supportive of patients’ rights
‘ Compassionate to patients’ feelings
‘ Good interfacing skills with patients’ family/relatives
‘ Attentive to details

Professional Skills:

‘ Strong familiarity with all types of drugs
‘ Solid background in surgical procedures and policies
‘ Experienced in operating and maintenance of Intravenous Devices
‘ Extensive experience in Operating Room, Delivery Room
‘ Knowledgeable in monitoring time charts
‘ Working experience with leprous patients
‘ Experienced in providing first aid treatments
‘ Extensive knowledge in analyzing professional documents and technical procedures
‘ Knowledgeable in gerontology
‘ Deep understanding of nursing theory and practice

Other Relevant Skills:

‘ Ability to work under pressure without affecting performance
‘ Adaptable to any kind of environment
‘ Ability to work in double shifts
‘ Skilled in interpreting lab results
‘ Ability to apply therapeutic treatment

Professional Experience:

Nurse II, January 2003 ‘ Present
Polymedic Grand, Rancho Tehama, CA


‘ Provided pre-and-post operative nursing care for patients with musculoskeletal injuries including posterior cervical operations.
‘ Monitored the progress of patients in ICU and reported any discrepancies in patients’ response.
‘ Evaluated the lab results of patients infected with dengue.
‘ Administered oral subcutaneous medications to newly operated patients.
‘ Revised the delegations and prioritization schedule in the Medical unit for a more efficient service to the needs of the patients.
‘ Provided education to families on first aid treatments.
‘ Evaluated the medical-surgical procedures and other aspects of therapeutic regimens.
‘ Supervised on-the-job-trainees on proper oral and intramuscular medications.
‘ Administered neurological testing to newly hired nurses.
‘ Demonstrated proper execution of general nursing service care in the areas of vital signs, EKG, phlebotomy, catheters, feeding tubes, IV and central lines.
‘ Interpreted results of post dialysis, ERCP, and colonoscopies to patients and relatives.
‘ Identified the needs of the clients for anticoagulant by monitoring their PPT levels.
‘ Provided assistance to doctors in OR and DR.


M.A. in Nursing
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

B.S. in Nursing
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ


‘ Vocational Education and Extension Board
‘ Licensed Practical Nurse
‘ Licensed Practical Nursing
‘ American Nurses’ Association

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