Free Contemporary Banking Resume Template

Writing a contemporary resume is a wonderful idea if you are applying to a company that places a great deal of emphasis on technology. A contemporary banking resume is similar to a creative resume, but it underscores your understanding of technology and computers, showcasing your ability to contribute to a modern workplace. If you are having difficulty crafting a contemporary banking resume, these resume template and writing tips may be able to point you in the right direction. Read the tips to learn how to write a resume that will impress even the most discerning hiring manager.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Banking Resume

When writing a contemporary style resume, be sure to highlight your understanding of current technology. Your resume should appear professional, but it is acceptable to utilize a degree of creativity and ingenuity. Remember to include the results of your actions; this will show that you are ambitious and self-directed. Formal language can be used in a contemporary resume; just remember that you are applying for a job, not writing a thesis or dissertation.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Writing Too Much or Too Little: The ideal mid-level resume should be roughly two pages in length. If you write too much, you risk wearying or confusing the reader with unnecessary details. If you write too little, you may seem unprofessional or unskilled.
  • Using a Boring Resume Format: Using a unique resume format will help your resume stand out from the rest. It will also show the reader that you possess some degree of creativity.
  • Including Old Information: There is no need to include information about jobs that were held 15 to 20 years ago.
  • Leaving Out Results: When writing the job history section of your resume, did you include specific accomplishments? If not, you may want to be a bit more descriptive in regards to the outcomes of your actions.

Resume Content
Noah Lancaster
12698 Edgewater Circle, Bellevue, WA 11111
Talented and motivated banking professional with robust understanding of programming and online security. Proven history of exceptional customer service and proactive approach to banking. Capable of working alone or with other bankers. Seeking a more technology-based role in the financial industry.
Broad knowledge of finance and accounting principles
Strong understanding of C#, SQL, and Java programming languages
Ability to remain calm in stressful situations
Extensive Excel spreadsheet experience
Superior research skills
Knowledge of derivatives and securities
Powerful analytical and organizational skills
Dedication to customer service
Risk management and fraud prevention knowledge
Personal Banker
12/1/2013 ? Present
First Bank of Washington ? Seattle, WA
Develop close relationships with clients and provide helpful financial advice regarding investments, lines of credit, and mutual funds.
Exceeded company marketing goals by 77% last quarter.
Assemble and prepare financial data in Oracle for loan processing and approval department.
Conduct exhaustive reviews of credit applications and inform clients of the final decision.
Worked tirelessly on corporate promotion to increase customer base by 13% in nine months.
Compile in-depth financial and accounting reports with self-gathered information and statistics.

Online Banking Specialist
8/1/2007 ? 11/1/2013
Capital One Bank ? New York, NY
Contributed to the coding and program development process for the company’s proprietary software.
Ensured that online banking and account access platforms operated correctly.
Tracked and reported security threats to branch headquarters.
Guided clients through troubleshooting account access problems in person and over the phone.
Meticulously updated bank software and repaired usability issues.
Compiled user satisfaction data and prepared comprehensive reports for the corporate board.

Junior Banking Technology Intern
10/1/2006 ? 12/1/2006
SWC Financial Services ? Boston, MA
Shadowed professionals in the technology department.
Assisted senior bankers in preparing PowerPoint presentations and projects.
Closed 35 sales in 3 month period without supervision.
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Minor in Finance
Boston College, Boston, MA