Free Contemporary Camp Counselor Resume

Contemporary resume templates demonstrate the key components of a quality resume, and they are a perfect choice for any position that requires tech knowledge. Showcase your skills by being specific about your technology background. The information accompanying the template below can help you put this resume style into practice.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Camp Counselor Resume

Before you write your contemporary resume, you will want to determine what to include. For this type of resume, the potential employer likely wants to see your technological strengths, so be as specific as possible when detailing this information. You will also want to include anything that sets you apart from other candidates, including volunteer information and initiative. Lastly, consider carefully the position itself and how best you can express your competence for the job. There are specific sections you will want to include in your contemporary resume, including education, work experience and a summary of your skills.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Getting Caught up in Extraneous Information: You don’t need to go into detail about experience that doesn’t lend itself to the position for which you are applying. Mentioning your responsibilities is important, but when expanding, stick to the specific skills you need for your desired position.
  • Making Your Resume Too Long: A resume should be no more than one page in length, except in special circumstances. Employers generally have only a brief amount of time to read through each resume, so make sure that it contains pertinent information in an easy-to-read format.
  • Apologizing for Lack of Skills: Be confident in your resume, even if you feel you may not have all the experience necessary for the job. Focusing on your strengths can often deflect from holes in experience.
  • Having a Bulky Layout: Use bullet points to break up information instead of using complete sentences. Make sure you have adequate spacing in between sections so they don’t run together.
  • Being Dishonest: Be truthful in your resume instead of fabricating any information. You likely have more experience than you realize, and false information can make you look unreliable to your potential employer.

Resume Content
Jack Stephens
6891 Brookstone Lane, Seattle, WA 11111
Experienced camp counselor seeking position in technology-focused summer camp. A technologically savvy innovator with a passion for instilling a love for science and math in today’s youth. Looking for opportunity to help teens learn coding skills and experience innovations in virtual reality.
Experience creating games and apps
Ability to break down concepts into manageable parts
Extremely patient
Ability to get teens excited about projects
Coding and virtual reality training
Participation in professional organizations
Ability to think outside the box
Excellent attention to detail
Fun loving spirit
Prior experience working with children
IT Specialist
3/1/2014 ? Current
Anyplace Electronics ? Seattle, WA
Assist customers at service desk by providing information packets or pamphlets, taking phone calls and returning emails.
Troubleshoot operating software and hardware.
Answer customer questions in a friendly and knowledgeable manner.
Attend employee trainings on a bi-monthly basis.
Suggest improvements to supervisor when appropriate, often recommending system and equipment upgrades.
Implement new customer communication practices and policies for better efficiency and speedier returns.
Oversee new hires through shadowing program.
Named October 2015 Employee of the Month.

Retail Associate
10/1/2013 ? 3/1/2014
Price Electronics ? Seattle, WA
Created and led weekly in-store activities for children.
Volunteered unpaid time to determine activities in advance.
Answered customer questions regarding electronic inventory.
Troubleshot faulty in-store merchandise.
Increased overall sales by 8 percent.
Created fliers for store windows using Adobe InDesign.
Received positive evaluations from supervisor.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming
Seattle College, Seattle WA