Free Contemporary Case Manager Resume Template

If your goal is to land a job in a modern, fast-paced environment, it is essential to present a contemporary case manager resume that showcases your fitness for this kind of workplace. Highlight your professional experience and accomplishments while emphasizing your engagement with cutting-edge technology to optimize your job performance. Use our contemporary case manager resume template and writing advice to shape your resume into the best it can be.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Case Manager Resume

In addition to showing that you have the necessary qualifications for the position, you need to demonstrate that your personality is one that will fit well with the workplace culture. When you apply for a position with an advanced, modern health center, your contemporary case manager resume should reflect your engagement with innovation and creativity. However, be careful to avoid overfilling your resume with buzzwords that overshadow your actual credentials and accomplishments.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Leaving Out Keywords: Now that electronic resume searches and submissions have become the norm, keywords are essential if you want prospective employers to locate your resume in a sea of others. In addition to using general keywords for your field, including keywords targeted at specific employers in your area raises your chances of being noticed.
  • Excess Verbiage: If your experiences and skills are difficult to discern behind a cloud of corporate buzzwords, it is time to prune your resume. You should make it easy for busy hiring managers to quickly understand what you know, what you have done and what you would bring to your new position.
  • Grammatical and Spelling Errors: Incorrect spelling and grammar on your resume indicates to employers that you are inattentive to details and are not serious about getting the job. Do not rely on your word processor to catch all errors. Proofread carefully and enlist a friend for a final read-through.
  • Irrelevant Facts: Todays employers are not interested in your hobbies, family status or social clubs. Unless directly relevant to the position you are applying for, do not include this information on your resume.

Resume Content
Tom Lynn
876 Wells Drive, Carterhall, MA 11111
Motivated, driven team leader committed to maximizing long-term treatment results. Knowledgeable clinician and administrative problem-solver. Utilizes communication skills to coordinate with treatment team, patients and families. Implements and reviews treatment plans. Analyzes treatment data, identifies trends and introduces adjustments as necessary. Innovative approach to patient communication and education, designed to optimize compliance with treatment and discharge instructions. Analyzes workflow and budget to come up with creative approaches to reducing costs and inefficiency. Searching for case manager position with forward-looking, patient-centered provider.
Conflict resolution
Crisis management
Clinical skills
Data analysis
Decision making
Communication and negotiation
Commitment to patient wellness
Nurse Case Manager
9/1/2011 ? Current
Laurel Physical Rehabilitation ? Carterhall, MA
Develop and implement holistic treatment plan.
Identify and obtain resources to support treatment, including transportation and escort.
Hold regular meetings with providers and patients to oversee progress.
Adjust treatment plans based on results.
Research and integrate alternative approaches for treatment.
Produce written and visual patient education materials.
Intervene in event of crisis.
Manage conflict within treatment team as well as between patients and providers.
Implement and adjust workplace protocols to save time and costs.
Implement unified database to facilitate accuracy in electronic records.
Ensure HIPAA and best practices compliance.
Advocate for patient needs.

Assistant Case Manager
8/1/2003 ? 9/1/2011
Brookhaven Rehabilitation Center ? Elmhurst, MA
Maintained and updated patient records.
Coordinated treatment resources.
Researched educational materials.
Set up treatment schedules and routines.
Provided technical support to clinical departments.

Master of Science in Health Administration
Laurelgrove University, Laurelgrove, CT
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Laurelgrove University, Laurelgrove, CT