Free Contemporary Chemist Resume Template

If you are well versed in the evolving world of technology, then you are uniquely equipped to excel in the field of chemistry. As with many other science disciplines, new and exciting technological advances for chemists are being made all the time. Those who are able to learn new technologies quickly and adapt them into their established laboratory routine should be sure to highlight this when submitting resumes for a new job. This contemporary resume template can help you determine how to best present your technological achievements. Make sure to read the tips that follow the resume to ensure that you are avoiding common pitfalls.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Chemist Resume

A contemporary chemist resume is engineered to showcase the applicant’s technological qualifications. If you want to work in a cutting edge or emerging chemistry field, this resume is the way to make yourself more attractive to hiring managers. Include any computer programs and lab equipment with which you are familiar, as well as any continuing education or research in which you have been involved. Make sure to focus on concrete achievements rather than just listing technology.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

These are some of the common mistakes applicants make when writing their resume. Make sure you don’t fall victim to them.

  • Going on for too long. In most cases your resume should not be longer than a single full page. You can change the font or formatting in order to make a resume that is slightly too long fit in the page, but make sure not to sacrifice readability.
  • Being too boring. Use action verbs and exciting wording when writing your resume. While it is possible to take this too far, creative writing on your resume is often more memorable for the person reading it.
  • Downplaying your accomplishments. Give the person reading your resume concrete examples of your skills and abilities. Use measurable values when possible.
  • Forgetting to edit. Check your resume for errors, or get a friend or family member to check it for you. Mistakes can make you look unprofessional, but many issues such as misspellings or grammatical errors can be fixed simply be reading your resume over again.

Resume Content
Anne Anderson
54321 North St., Chicago, IL 99999
Experienced organic chemist, well versed in a wide variety of sample analysis methods. Background in beauty products manufacturing, and a good track record of using new and emerging technologies and methods of computer tracking to ensure compliance with FDA and cGMP regulations. Participated in evaluating and purchasing new equipment for the laboratory.
Familiar with Mathematica, Spartan’10 and GAMESS
Able to conduct various types of sample analysis, including inductively coupled plasma, high-performance liquid chromatography, and gas chromatography systems
Regularly asked to speak at conferences on the emerging field of nanotechnology
Maintain good relationships with laboratory suppliers and technology companies
8/1/2012 ? Present
ABC Labs ? Chicago, IL
Oversaw a major update to all laboratory computers and servers
Attend trade shows and make purchasing recommendations for the laboratory
Research emerging technologies and write reports for lab managers and grant makers
Made responsible for purchasing new equipment and machines
Help develop cost-effective solutions for ensuring FDA compliance

5/1/2011 ? 5/1/2012
XYZ Labs ? Detroit, MI
Conducted experiments, using Mathematica and Spartan ’10 to analyze data
Performed sample analysis using both liquid and gas chromatography methods
Successfully advocated for continuing education for all chemist and lab assistants

PhD in ChemistryIndustry University, Detroit, MI
Bachelor and Master in Chemistry
State University, Lancing, MI