Free Contemporary Chief Executive Officer Resume Template

A contemporary resume is ideal for individuals applying for jobs at cutting-edge, technologically-driven companies. Unlike other resume styles, contemporary resumes place a significant amount of emphasis on innovation, creativity, and technological prowess. Crafting a resume in this style is highly beneficial because it provides jobseekers with an opportunity to show off their originality and comprehension of modern technology. If you are ready to write a stellar contemporary chief executive officer resume, the accompanying tips and template will help will give you an idea of what employers are looking for in this particular type of resume.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Chief Executive Officer Resume

When writing a creative style resume, be sure to include information about your knowledge of technological products. Unlike other resumes, you are allowed to showcase your ingenuity and ability to think freely. Be sure that you include information that demonstrates your understanding of modern technology and its impact on various industries, especially since you are applying as a chief executive officer. This will show versatility and willingness to change with the times (these are two highly desirable traits in the corporate and tech fields).

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • No Results: As an executive, you will need to show employers that you are capable of achieving tangible results on a regular basis. Showcase your ability to set goals and formulate processes to reach them. If you simply list job duties and highlights, the reader will not be able to develop a clear understanding of your accomplishments. Listing results will also make you seem more ambitious and motivated.
  • No Technological Emphasis: On a contemporary resume, you will need to take the time to highlight your love of technology and software. Since you are applying to a modern, cutting-edge company, your comprehension of things such as social media, apps, operating systems, and other digital productivity tools will be highly important.
  • Outdated Jobs: Yes, you are a high-powered executive, but that doesn’t mean that the employer needs to know about your entire work history. Try to avoid listing positions that are unrelated to your leadership background or are more than 15 years old.
  • Leaving Out Details: After providing information about your tech background, show how you used the technology to achieve certain results.

Resume Content
Sharon Alexander
7326 Hunting Ridge Court, Dover, DE 11111
Highly motivated and innovative executive with extensive experience in the IT consulting and finance fields. Proven history of exceptional management and organization of information technology companies. Ability to implement creative strategies that increase revenue and generate client leads. Current understanding of large infrastructures, capital raising techniques, and use of servers. Prepared to assume a senior executive position within a prominent finance company.
High-level technology support
Windows and Mac experience
Corporate finance
Company leadership skills
Social media marketing
Contract negotiations
IT management
Budget planning
Project supervision
Chief Executive Officer
New Age Technology Group ? Philadelphia, PA
2/1/2011 ? Present

Implemented cost-reduction strategy for overseas and underperforming branches; saved over $13 million in two years.
Oversee infrastructure improvement projects in various departments.
Help private and commercial banks and lenders determine information technology needs.
Secure accounts with prominent clients, vendors, and investors. Use accounts to secure funding and generate capital.
Oversee team of 100+ information technology, finance, and administrative professionals on a regular basis.
Launched transformative marketing campaign that resulted in a 17% increase in revenue and a 22% increase in contract leads.
Set quarterly growth goals with CFO and president of company. Analyze data compiled by accountants and finance professionals in order to determine goals.
Consolidate data center, wireless products, and help desk divisions to save over $5 million annually.
Manage software and Microsoft technology divisions.
Master of Science in Computer Science/Master of Business Administration (MBA)
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania