Free Contemporary Clerical Officer Resume Template

Contemporary resumes, like other resumes, serve to showcase your professional skills and work history. However, contemporary-style resumes are primarily used by individuals seeking employment with technologically advanced, cutting-edge companies. In your contemporary resume, you will need to underscore your ability to use popular technology such as the internet, computers, applications, and other digital mediums. During the writing process, remain professional, but try to infuse a bit of creativity and personality. The contemporary clerical officer resume template and writing tips below will help you craft your own resume from scratch.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Clerical Officer Resume

If you intend to write an outstanding contemporary resume, you will need to include a significant amount of information about your understanding of current technology. Discuss your use of apps, computer software, programming languages, and other technological elements. If you have a degree or coursework in any of these areas, be sure to list it. This will show the reader that you possess highly specialized knowledge that can be applied on a daily basis.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Irrelevant Information: Contemporary resumes place a high degree of focus on technological proficiency, and if you list jobs or skills that do not emphasize this, you may not get the job. For example, you may not want to list your previous jobs as a salesperson and environmental biologist. Only list jobs that are related to the tech or computer industries.
  • No Results: Having an understanding of technology is great, but the reader of your resume needs to see that you employ this understanding on a regular basis. In your resume, talk about how you use software programs to make scheduling easier or how you use apps on your phone to help you get work done. Show the reader that you know how to actively apply your knowledge and get results.
  • Boring Language: When writing a contemporary resume, be sure to use action-oriented words that draw the reader’s attention. Avoid using bland, boring, or trite words and phrases at all costs.
  • Dishonesty: If you don’t have knowledge about a particular type of technology or device, be honest. Never lie on your resume, regardless of what job you are applying for.

Resume Content
Brandon Carter
8787 Wainwright Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 11111
Creative and innovative clerical officer with extensive experience providing administrative support to IT establishments. Strong understanding of popular operating systems and productivity software. Capable of using apps such as Trello, Awesome Note, and Timeful to schedule tasks and keep track of workload. Ability to work alone or manage other clerical employees. Seeking to employ talents in a technology-based setting at a successful IT company or startup.
Web development skills
Basic understanding of SEO and HTML
Excellent communication skills
Strong commitment to customer service
Experience using both Microsoft and Apple operating systems
QuickBooks knowledge
Friendly and personable
Superior phone etiquette
Digital document creation
Clerical Officer
Campbell Information Technology Services ? Cincinnati, OH
3/1/2011 ? Present

Assist CEO and founder with project presentations.
Organize and analyze basic accounting information using QuickBooks and other programs.
Schedule meetings between clients and senior workers.
Contact former clients and vendors via phone and email about unpaid services.
Respond to basic inquiries about products and company.
Help IT professionals with portfolio development using HTML skills.
Ensure that office and waiting area are clean and organized.
Contact prospective employees about resumes and interviews.
Facilitate communication between administrative and human resources departments.
Reduced front office expenses by 23 percent last year.
Implemented new, more efficient document filing system in 2012.
Coursework in Website Development, Microsoft Office Applications, and Microsoft Access
Springfield Technical College, Cleveland, OH (2010) Diploma
Green Valley High School, Cleveland, OH (2002)