Free Contemporary Corporate Trainer Resume Template

Working as a corporate trainer in the hottest companies that lead the world with their innovative ideas is no easy task. One way to get ahead in the hiring game is to design your resume in a contemporary style. This means using interesting phrases and descriptions to stand out from every other generic resume out there. Hiring managers for popular, technology-driven companies may appreciate your creative style and seek to hire you. Here is how you can get your resume to be more creative and interesting when you’re looking for work as a corporate trainer.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Corporate Trainer Resume

Writing a contemporary resume for a corporate training position is a task that requires both creative composition and actual experience related to the job. Make sure your resume has the standard sections that hiring managers are looking for, such as highlights, education and experience. Next, take your typical descriptions and make them more exciting and unique. This method can help you land a prime position with one of the top tech companies. Then, your corporate training career can be taken into a new and exciting direction.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Going Too Far: While it’s important to use some creative words and innovative synonyms, make sure your meaning isn’t completely changed around by your specific word choice. Remember the purpose of this important document.
  • Behind With the Times: Your skills in corporate training must be ready to take on new responsibilities and tasks for the 21st century. That means you need to keep your information updated and relevant to today’s trends.
  • Missing Important Technology Experience: Today’s corporate trainers must have experience with the newest technologies that make their job even more exciting. If you are only comfortable with Microsoft Word, you may need to invest in a little more outside training.
  • Missing Text Features: Ensure that your hiring manager can easily understand your resume’s details. Use helpful text features such as bullets, numbers and lists to make it easier to read.

Resume Content
Christina Beckett
877 Robin Street Glendale, CA 11111
Corporate training genius ready to transform your workforce. Groundbreaking methods of training and revitalizing your employee performance. Known for a positive and unique classroom experience. Knack for instituting new policies and procedures in a dynamic way. Searching for an assignment with a corporate training team who thinks beyond the basics.
Known for getting people out of their comfort zone
Wizard of training manual development
Past success in management
Coaching and leading skills
Portrait hanging several times on employee-of-the-month wall
Instructional activities that employees look forward to
Symbiotic relationship with the learner’s brain
Developer of technological programs for training
Always picked first in group recruitment assignments
Ability to influence anyone with voice
Gifted with the pen and paper
Able to spot mistakes easily
Creator of enviable organization system that increases productivity
Corporate Trainer
11/1/2011 ? 12/1/2014
Funco Tech Toys and Games ? San Francisco, CA
Worked in a game and toy setting creating training and educational apps.
Designed creative ways to increase trainee attention.
Synched everyone’s smartphone with to-do list app Carrot.
Used Kahoot to evaluate employee engagement.
Transformed static PowerPoint presentations into interactive Nearpod app experience.
Boosted new employee satisfaction by 56%.

Corporate Trainer
12/1/2014 ? Present
Scout App Development ? San Francisco, CA
Partnered with app developers to make employee training like an RPG game.
Used a point-based system, GiveAWow, to give incentives to new employees while training.
Drafted employee training materials and guides using Google Docs.
Incorporated real-time feedback in presentations and workshops with Impraise.
Integrated Imessage into daily operations in to communicate with new hires.
Wowed new hires with pleasant and inviting first week experience.
Helped new salespeople increase numbers 46%.
Presided over a six-member training department.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Topsail University, Sacramento, CA