Free Contemporary Dancer Resume Template

Are you ready to land a great dancing job at a contemporary company? If so, you’ll need the contemporary template to showcase your skills and talents. The contemporary template focuses on highlighting your forward thinking in the dance realm. If you’ve ever been a trailblazer or experimenter, you’ll have plenty of chance to show it with this resume template. If you are applying to a company that prides itself on forward thinking, this is the template for you.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Dancer Resume

With the contemporary template, you want to showcase your forward-thinking attitude regarding your dance niche. If you’re an instructor, talk about the new learning techniques you brought into the classroom. If you’re a dancer, include evidence of your experimentation with new styles. With this resume, feel free to get creative with the setup and presentation. Remember to focus on your merits and experience. Use the sections above to get started with your resume, but feel free to add relevant sections as needed. Common additional sections are achievements and professional credentials.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • Lack of Proofreading: For a contemporary resume, proofreading means catching typos and formatting errors. If you’ve created graphic or special formatting, consider sending your resume in a PDF to preserve the format and design on any computer.
  • Lack of Focus: Don’t get too caught up in the adventure of a contemporary resume template. Your resume should ultimately highlight your most compelling skills and experiences as a dancer.
  • No Bullets: Paragraphs and block formatting make your resume visually unappealing and difficult to read. Clean up your format for easy scanning using bullet points where you can. This will make it easier to glean information from your resume at a glance.
  • No Keywords: What kind of dancer is your ideal employer looking for? Include keywords that apply to your ideal position. For example, you might identify yourself as an “Experienced Jazz and Modern Dancer” to ensure you attract the right employment offers.
  • Negativity: Remain completely positive throughout your resume. Even if you are a bit worried about your qualifications, project confidence to attract employers to your resume. With the right tone, many employers will be willing to give you a chance to shine.
  • Unnecessary Information: Leave off any information related to your hobbies or personal interests. If you have dance experience, you can consider excluding unrelated jobs held during college or secondary school. Also, don’t include references on your resume; these should be part of a separate document and provided only when asked for.

Resume Content
Jason Williamson
213 Steep Hill Drive, Peter Township, NY 11111
Experienced Dancer with 15 years of classical ballet training and four years of professional experience with a thriving ballet company. Experimental artist familiar with wide range of contemporary styles. Strong ability to learn choreography quickly and excellent stage performance. Seeking employment with contemporary ballet company with opportunities for professional development and advancement.
Classical and Modern Ballet
Hip Hop
Ballroom Dance Styles
1/1/2014 ? 6/1/2016
777 Modern Dance Company ? Peter Township, NY
Performed experimental dances involving minimalistic theory.
Participated in optional improvisational dance master classes.
Implemented new “choreographed improvisation” technique for stage performances.
Collaborated with head choreographer on winter show.

1/1/2011 ? 12/1/2013
TTT Dance Company ? Copper, NY
Danced in the choir during all seasonal productions.
Traveled with the mobile company to perform around the East Coast.
Choreographed experimental pieces for company’s “Upcoming Artists” exhibition.
Acted as assistant stage manager during summer productions.
Attended optional choreography master classes.
Maintained clean and neat practice rooms for the company.

Bachelor in Dance Performance
Jack C. James Colleges of the Arts, Copper, NY