Free Contemporary Digital Marketing Manager Resume Template

To increase the success of your job hunt, you’ll need a well-crafted resume that stands out from the rest. The contemporary digital marketing manager resume is ideal for young companies or any enterprise known for a “hip” flair. You get a little more play with the language you use, but you really want to showcase a forward-thinking mindset. Read on to develop a clear understanding for this resume format.

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What to Include in a Contemporary Digital Marketing Manager Resume

In this style of resume, you want to highlight your use of recent technologies or your ability to step outside of the box. This doesn’t necessarily mean using highly colloquial language, but definitely showcase forward thinking and updated knowledge of the digital marketing industry. Make sure you highlight your greatest strengths as a professional, including experience and expertise. The basic sections above are a great place to start, but don’t be afraid to customize a bit.

Common Resume Fails: Mistakes to Avoid

  • No Keywords: Think about the keywords employers would use to find good resumes in a job database. Include these words in your resume to increase your chances of being found in these searches.
  • Lack of Bullets: Make your resume easier to read at a glance. Plus, bullets will save you space so you can fit all of your relevant skills and experience.
  • Including References: Put your reference details in a separate document and only give them out when specifically asked. Including your references isn’t part of the current resume standards.
  • Including Hobbies: Your personal interests can be great fodder for an interview or water cooler joke, but leave that information off of your professional resume.
  • Being Dishonest: Employers have means of verifying what you say in your resume, and you don’t want to be on the hook for skills you can’t deliver. Always be honest to ensure a smooth process.
  • Using Fluff and Filler: When you want to add a little more gumption to your resume, it can be tempting to use fluff and filler. However, a short well-informed resume can certainly beat a long fluffy one.

Resume Content
Jane Smith
1300 Nectar Drive, Fairfax, VA 11111
Talented and motivated Digital Marketing Manager with experience revamping and reviving brands across major social media platforms. Experienced marketing manager with foundational knowledge of coding, UX design and search engine optimization. Seeking senior position with progressive marketing consultancy or firm.
Increased Amazon ratings to 5-star average
Overhauled Yelp presence for 15 percent viewer expansion
Basic command of HTML5 & CSS
Proficient with Adobe Photoshop
Proficient with UX design
Google AdWords certified
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
1/1/2013 ? 1/1/2016
B100 Advertisers ? Fairfax, VA
Managed 15- to 20-person team depending on the number and scope of assigned projects.
Advised clients regarding their needs and current state of their brand/social media presence.
Consistently expanded client viewerships by 10 percent or more.

Junior Digital Marketing Manager
2/1/2010 ? 12/1/2012
Stellar and Solar Marketing ? Washington, D.C.
Advised senior marketers on upcoming social media platforms to help plan new campaigns.
Became first point of reference for senior marketers regarding new trends, technologies and predictions for new market trends.
Managed small four-person team for specialized projects involving targeted campaigns on a single platform like Instagram or Twitter.

Junior Digital Marketing Consultant
10/1/2008 ? 1/1/2010
Day & Jordan Marketing Consultancy ? Buffalo, NY
Maintained regular Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn content for assigned projects.
Collaborated with junior marketers to implement campaign parameters into growing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
Pitched new ideas for brand campaigns while maintaining proper voice and scope.
Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Advertising
University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA